Traducción de bequeath en Español:


Pronunciación /bəˈkwɪθ//bəˈkwið//bɪˈkwiːð/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to bequeath sth to sb
    • to bequeath sb sth legarle algo a algn
    • customs bequeathed to us by our forebears costumbres que nos legaron nuestros antepasados
    • In a way, the medical profession bequeathed these techniques to practitioners of folk medicine.
    • Imperial powers bequeathed the nation-state system to their colonies, but it has not worked well in either part of the world.
    • The most significant difference from 2001 is the looming change in the leadership election rules bequeathed by the former leader.
    • Such is the system of administration bequeathed by the past two decades.
    • Hurricane Katrina ‘is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children.’
    • By not adequately working to build a political database, he bequeathed no organizational capacity to those who might come after him.
    • The lava-rich soil bequeathed by Etna makes this part of Sicily extremely fertile.
    • Each region bequeaths its own brand of craft skills and the results are so variegated that the categories run into the hundreds.
    • Humans who developed a spiritual sense thrived and bequeathed that trait to their offspring.
    • Just because they inherited a political and administrative tangle, it shouldn't inevitably follow that they bequeath an environmental disaster.
    • Islam and the Arabic language have bequeathed the Arabic alphabet for languages like Farsi, Urdu, Old Hausa and others.
    • The country's colonial past has bequeathed a wealth of Indonesian restaurants.
    • To finalize the transfer of a license, the Liquor Control Board must bequeath its stamp of approval.
    • And he won't talk about the $4.6 trillion deficit he is bequeathing the nation or about wages.
    • This is a concept bequeathed by the President, describing how to combine state planning with today's market economics.
    • The Junior player kindly bequeathed his sweatshirt, which cost him $11 at the inmate store.
    • "He wants to bequeath control to his sons, " alleges an insider.
    • The spiralling costs of the upgrade of the Memorial Baths would appear to jeopardise other worthwhile community projects and bequeath a burden of debt on the city and its ratepayers for many years to come.
    • But above all, his mistake was to assume that he had done enough to win simply by being competent in office and by bequeathing a healthy economy.
    • Substantive principles of rationality are always framed in the light of beliefs and ways of life bequeathed by a past that could have turned out otherwise.