Traducción de bestow en Español:


Pronunciación /bəˈstoʊ//bɪˈstəʊ/

verbo transitivo

formal, literario

  • 1

    to bestow sth on / upon sb ofrecerle algo a algn formal
    • to bestow a gift on sb hacerle un obsequio a algn
    • he bestowed a kiss on her cheek depositó un beso en su mejilla
    • he bestowed his affections on her la hizo depositaria de su amor
    • We should count our blessings every day and take pleasure in the miraculous gifts bestowed upon us.
    • Lavish gifts are bestowed upon visitors, guests, and distant cousins alike.
    • These awaken our appreciation for all the gifts God has bestowed upon us and remind us of how much God loves us.
    • On accepting the honour bestowed on her by the Mayo Society, Mary received a standing ovation by all in attendance.
    • Many honours have been bestowed on this outstanding algebraist.
    • Too many honours have been bestowed on him, surely he should say enough is enough.
    • These are both very prestigious honours bestowed upon someone who had never even seen pole vault five years ago.
    • It was the greatest honour that could be bestowed on her and she was very proud to be mayor.
    • Her story deeply touches me, and I think she fully deserves the various titles and honours bestowed upon her.
    • It is a gift, bestowed on relatively few people, and certainly not something to be mandated.
    • This is the first time this honour has been bestowed on a Councillor from the area.
    • Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.
    • Warmest congratulations to Jarlath on this very special honour which is being bestowed on him this weekend.
    • I would first like to thank the University for the honour it has bestowed upon me today.
    • Both men were well worthy of the honour bestowed on them and should be an example to others to put in the same effort in their native place.
    • Johnny is a complex man, working to come to terms with the haunting gift that has been bestowed upon him.
    • At the time this honour had only been bestowed on 20 leading obstetricians in the world.
    • These were the only honours bestowed on this legendary maestro during his lifetime.
    • The Lord Lieutenant High Honour is bestowed once a year by the Lord Lieutenant of each county.
    • They are gifts bestowed on us at milestone birthdays and in retirement.