Traducción de bet en Español:


apuesta, n.

Pronunciación /bɛt//bɛt/


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    apuesta femenino
    to win/lose a bet ganar/perder una apuesta
    • I had / made a bet with Charlie that Brazil would win le aposté a Charlie que ganaría Brasil
    • place your bets, please hagan sus apuestas, señores
    • to take bets aceptar apuestas
    • Among his solutions is ‘livelihood insurance,’ or policies that pay off if a bet on a pioneering career fails to work out.
    • Consequently, you take only a small position with a hedge, because it's a bet on what you think won't happen.
    • Well, if you want to make a bet on that, let me know.
    • Meanwhile, he added that he was so certain that someone alive today will still be alive in 2150, he had placed a bet on it with a friend.
    • Despite the fact that you should expect to be out of pocket whenever you gamble lots of people still fancy a flutter on the horses, a bet on the dogs or a punt on the occasional football match.
    • These days, rodeos are more than simply the locals having a laugh and a bet on whether someone can stay on a bucking bull.
    • We'll put a bet on it now and I'll come back next year and see how you're doing.
    • Thinking of putting a bet on who will win the Rose of Tralee?
    • When he agrees to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge for a bet, it is only because a dummy will be substituted at the crucial moment.
    • While at Wednesday, he and two team-mates placed a bet on a match against Ipswich, which eventually led to jail terms and life bans from the game.
    • Seven years ago I wouldn't have wagered a bet on him still playing rugby at the age of 30.
    • We made a bet on whether or not you would get jealous and the only way to prove it was to make you believe we were a couple.
    • Just take all the money in your bank account and place a bet on India winning the Miss World title again.
    • And I hope that both of them are brave enough to make a bet on the market system, creating a context for growth rather than a plan for development.
    • A quinella is a bet on the first two horses; it is not, as some people believe, a Mexican cheese pie.
    • Anecdotal evidence from bookkeeping chains confirms that a new demographic is emerging, as is a new way of betting - for example, placing a bet on who will score the next goal is becoming common.
    • When I first arrived at Aubergine eight years ago the three of them had a bet on how long I'd last (women chefs are rare).
    • Why wouldn't you make a bet on the fact that oil's only going to become more expensive?
    • A senior manager at a trucking firm in Australia liked a bet on the horses.
    • For once-a-year punters who do not want to go to a betting shop, placing a bet on the world's most famous steeplechase can be done from the comfort of an armchair these days.
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    Bad Boy is a good bet for the Derby Bad Boy es una fija para el Derby Cono Sur Venezuela
    • Brown is the best bet to win the election Brown es quien más probabilidades tiene de ganar las elecciones
    • your best bet is to stay here lo mejor que puedes hacer es quedarte aquí
    • your safest bet would be to invest in government bonds lo menos arriesgado sería invertir en bonos del estado
    • she's a bad bet in my opinion opino que no es la más indicada
    • it's a pretty good / fair bet that someone here speaks English es casi seguro que aquí alguien habla inglés
    • my bet is that she wins apuesto (a) que gana ella

verbo transitivobetting

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    (money) apostar
    David bet him £5 the Liberals would win David le apostó cinco libras (a) que ganaban los liberales
    • he bet his whole salary on a horse le apostó / le jugó todo el sueldo a un caballo
    • Bookmakers call a halt to betting on races at Cheltenham.
    • Those people who had lost all their money betting on horses and also had a disposition to think, felt it was a better to solve the problem by pure thought, and looked down on those who owned the horses or bet on them.
    • The problem is that it is a lot easier and faster to log on to a gambling web site or do off-site betting on track races than to go to an amusement park.
    • Australia was clearly established as a global leader, providing both virtual gaming and internet betting on sports and races.
    • Spread betting involves betting on the outcome of a financial or sporting event based on a ‘spread’ quoted by the bookmaker.
    • Now we have installment two, I did bet on baseball, but I didn't bet against the team I was managing.
    • Under Michigan rules, jockeys may bet on races they ride as long as their wagers are placed through the owner or trainer of their mounts.
    • Prosecutors said he also ran an illegal gambling operation that bet on professional baseball games.
    • Under the betting ordinance, Hong Kong punters can bet on overseas races, but they must be part of a local racing programme.
    • The polls as I write make it a mug's game to bet on the outcome of the presidential election.
    • Since betting on cricket is now passe, there should be fresh avenues to explore.
    • The Racing Act was amended to provide for cross-species wagering - betting on greyhound races at horse tracks and vice versa.
    • Users can enjoy free online gambling, betting on important games and events, but the money you win or lose are virtual, to remind you there is a difference between the real world and the web.
    • Perhaps there are not enough players betting on the dog races to create a pool large enough to pay off the winners.
    • Chances are you can find an Internet bookmaker who will accept your bet on the outcome.
    • Last year, there was a strong push to ban betting on college games in our Nevada sports books.
    • The machines work and look like slot machines but allow fans to use handicapping skills in betting on races at a variety of tracks about every three minutes.
    • Your free bet will be your first bet on the game after the start of the second half.
    • Bettors deposit money in advance with the OTB and then call when they want to bet on a horse race.
    • The losing trialist also scored a hefty reward, from betting on himself to win his heat and se mi-final as well as from the money he was allowed to bet on the race winner at long odds.
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    (be sure)
    I bet he doesn't even remember my name apuesto (a) que ni se acuerda de mi nombre
    • I had a hard time persuading him — I'll bet you did! me costó mucho convencerlo — ¡me lo puedo imaginar!
    • I can do it! — (I) bet (you) you can't! —¡a que no!
    • I bet you any money / anything you like, they're late me juego / te apuesto lo que quieras (a) que llegan tarde
    • am I angry? you bet your (sweet) life I'm angry! ¿que si estoy enojada? ¡por supuesto / ya lo creo que lo estoy!
    • I bet that almost every single president has liked reading history.
    • You have to love that last line. I bet that defense goes over REAL big at their war crime trials.
    • ‘I bet that's the way to the cake shop,’ someone said.
    • I bet that was a genuine coffee stain on your sweater too!
    • I'm still looking for the ‘attentive hens’ piece, I bet that's a blockbuster.
    • I bet that idea would make a lot of property developers very happy, from their luxury homes in Port Douglas…
    • And I bet that the writing was the most exciting thing he ever did in his busy life.
    • I bet that any second now, he'll start to stamp his feet.
    • ‘I bet that was my shotgun you used to shoot that phone booth,’ the letter said.
    • I bet that burns more calories than his exercise equipment.
    • I bet that some of them are inspired to take classes and become graphic designers…
    • And when you do get paid, I'll bet you and your money go straight to the ale house!
    • Their web site claims $250 / month, but I bet that depends on a lot of factors.
    • ‘I bet that's a decoy car,’ says one local authoritatively.
    • I bet that Belgian's going to get into trouble with the Mini Owner's Association…
    • I bet that was hard to follow without binoculars.
    • I bet that you won't even call me after two weeks, " he said.
    • In the final analysis, I bet that pay-for-play won't work.
    • I bet that would pass, because who wants to pay taxes?
    • I bet that happens with almost every interview.

verbo intransitivobetting

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    I'm not a betting man, but … yo no soy jugador, pero …
    • to bet on sth/sb apostarle a algo/algn
    • I'm betting on it to win le voy a apostar a ganador