Traducción de betting shop en Español:

betting shop

agencia de apuestas, n.



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    agencia de apuestas femenino
    • The internet also enables those who would not normally be at home in a betting shop to place bets with relative ease.
    • The Internet is as much to blame for the growth in gambling as more traditional establishments such as bricks-and mortar casinos, betting shops and bingo halls.
    • I love it, and racecourses, racing stables, horsey pubs and betting shops are all veritable cauldrons, bubbling away with varyingly reliable tips and other inside information.
    • Meanwhile, Britain's bookmakers are considering closing betting offices on the day of the Queen Mother's funeral as a mark of respect.
    • Extra greyhound meetings and numbers draws in British betting offices.
    • You can imagine the laughter when it came in first at 50 to 1; my only regret was not taking that bet to the betting shop!
    • Bookies will also benefit, with licensed betting offices able to offer a wider choice of food and drink, though not to serve alcohol.
    • Booker's group, planning to use Western Union to compile off-track bets, sought to establish 139 betting offices to be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • UK bookmakers, casinos and betting shops make billions of pounds every year.
    • The abolition was moved forward to October, and punters striking a wager in one of Britain's 7,000 off-course betting shops will not pay tax on their bets or winnings.
    • ‘I was the school bookmaker, worked in betting shops and racecourses,’ he says.
    • It is Ireland's biggest bookmaker, with 161 licensed betting shops.
    • About 70 per cent of UK residents gamble, mostly on the lottery or at betting offices, according to Merrill Lynch & Co.
    • The roll-out of the licensed betting office estate in clusters across London is continuing in a measured manner.
    • Before the introduction of the National Lottery, gambling in the United Kingdom was largely restricted to betting shops, racecourses, and casinos, venues that appeal mostly to men.
    • Money launderers may also operate behind the cover of cash-intensive businesses, such as casinos, betting shops, amusement arcades and foreign exchange bureaux.
    • Millions of pounds will be staked on course and at betting shops.
    • He was known to be a regular gambler at casinos and betting shops, went to the gym daily and won karate trophies.
    • These exchanges are the most revolutionary phenomenon to hit betting since the opening of betting shops.
    • There are around 8,200 betting shops in UK so bookmaking is a substantial business, important to the British economy.