Traducción de bewildering en Español:


desconcertante, adj.

Pronunciación /bɪˈwɪld(ə)rɪŋ//bəˈwɪldərɪŋ/


  • 1

    (confusing) desconcertante
    (overwhelming) apabullante
    • I suspect the lay reader will find their content bewildering.
    • The family has a bewildering range of names.
    • What was bewildering for me was listening to my parents discussing him.
    • This side of glory we are left to wrestle, at times, with quite bewildering providences.
    • Gardeners shopping for fertilizer face a bewildering array of choices.
    • The amount of choice on the menu appears bewildering at first.
    • Among the many questions to emerge from a bewildering situation, this is perhaps the most sensitive.
    • He said: "The options for parents in their efforts to choose the right school or college can be bewildering, really daunting."
    • There is a bewildering array of technological options, however.
    • Fish in bewildering colours float around you: violent pink, neon green, Nemo orange.
    • To pretty much anyone this lot represents a bewildering, tangled, confused maze of information.
    • His double strike erased the shame of a bewildering first-half miss.
    • It has a cocktail bar with a bewildering array of whiskies.
    • A visit to the supermarket can present a shopper with a bewildering array of choices.
    • Medical technologies that offer new hope also lead to a bewildering thicket of options.
    • I am an individual faced daily with a bewildering array of problems for which there is no single answer.
    • The end to persecution was always going to be bewildering.
    • Furthermore, there seem to be a bewildering number of different brain mechanisms activated by the different classes of drugs.
    • In the opening laps, however, cars were entering corners sometimes three abreast, exchanging positions with bewildering frequency.
    • These technologies, with a bewildering numbers of acronyms, are described in many reviews.