Traducción de billfold en Español:


billetera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbɪlˌfoʊld//ˈbɪlfəʊld/



  • 1

    billetera femenino
    cartera femenino
    • Your billfold will be bilked to subsidize the insurers.
    • He had an infectious way of making a charlatan believable, a Lothario's wooing credible, a swindler's eventual revelation of a heart behind his billfold totally convincing.
    • Who wouldn't resent the fact that your art and hard work have fed a lot of wallets, while your own billfold stayed hungry?
    • Girls carrying billfolds were more of something found in the city.
    • ‘Well, I think I'll go out,’ he said as he picked up his billfold.
    • Like the popular weekly TV show, the event will see competitors struggle to catch the ears - and the billfolds - of well-known and powerful mentors.
    • I didn't even remember my name until I found my billfold this morning.
    • As the generous host says to the guest taking out his billfold: ‘Your money isn't worth anything here.’
    • While Renee waited, she rummaged through her purse, searching for her billfold so that she could pay for her coffee.
    • She reaches into her inside jacket pocket and removes a billfold.
    • Andi reached into one of her mangled pockets and pulled out an unfamiliar billfold.
    • Bills should be neatly arranged, in order, in wallets or billfolds.
    • ‘No,’ he says, laughing, tugging at a picture under the billfold.
    • So the men were hardly less separated from their families than the Mexican construction workers who labor on building sites in Seattle, sending money home each week to relatives they mostly see in creased photographs in their billfolds.
    • As she set the money in her billfold, Ryan asked, ‘Even though I didn't get fired, do you think it's still possible for me to get a part - time job here?’
    • When Matusky walked into U.S. Technologies' offices in downtown Washington, he opened the meeting by whipping the fake million-dollar bill out of his billfold with a flourish.
    • In the afternoon, Edwards met Lee Falcon and proceeded to buy several drinks for Falcon and, too drunk to count, paid for the drinks by handing his billfold over to the bartender.
    • Unless you have a gold mine paying off, an oil well gushing, or a Broadway agent sugar daddy frosting your billfold, Rupert and his avaricious rubes want little or nothing to do with you.
    • Shoving the billfold in his jeans pocket, he replaced the board and began inching the dresser back into place when he heard a noise in the hall outside.
    • Carly took her billfold from a jacket pocket, took out a business card and handed it to Bob.