Traducción de binding en Español:


tapa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbaɪndɪŋ//ˈbʌɪndɪŋ/


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    (book cover)
    tapa femenino
    cubierta femenino
    • He ran his index finger along the book bindings lightly.
    • He placed them onto his small desk in the front as I caressed their bindings and pages.
    • The book had a brown binding, spine nearly stripped of color, pages sticking out from the sides.
    • He said that regular cleaning had been carried out, but that it had a down side in that damage could be caused to fragile books and bindings.
    • They're making boxes for the storage of fragile text, and in some cases creating new, if somewhat rudimentary bindings for old books.
    • There was a tiny squeak from in front of Francis' desk, and after a moment, a small white mouse climbed up the bindings of books in a pile and sat on top in plain view of its friend.
    • As always, the scent of musty pages and old bindings, mixed with the aroma of coffee, washed over me, and I stopped for a second to breathe it in.
    • A beautiful book with perfect bindings and 5 star ratings?
    • In that room you breathed books, that musty paper odor of yellowing pages and crumbling bindings.
    • Instead the backs of the glass-fronted book cases have been painted a rich red, reminiscent of a colour often used in old book bindings.
    • Essential requirements: a strong binding, and a size small enough so I can carry the sketchbook everywhere I go without being conscious of it till I need it.
    • Down the hall, bulky letterpresses stand ready to fold these words into sheets; in another room, the pages are sewn into bindings.
    • Once text is digital, books seep out of their bindings and weave themselves together.
    • His fingers finding the binding of the book he slid it out carefully, but then when it was not what he was looking for he forced the book back into place with a little anger in his fingertips.
    • She carelessly lifted the ‘Destination Guide’ book and tossed it across the room, half the pages torn from the binding.
    • What's the problem with paperback book bindings these days?
    • You may need to repair the spine and actual page bindings in order to install a new cover.
    • The books themselves were dirty and well worn; their bindings held together by moth-eaten reddish cloth.
    • On the coffee table, on the bookshelves in between books with worn bindings, were framed photographs of Phil and Karen.
    • The usual smell of books and bindings met my nose, which crinkled momentarily.
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    ribete masculino
    • It was sparingly used to begin with, since precious woven stuff is wasted by this technique, and curved cut edges demand added binding or facing to stop the raw thread-ends from fraying.
    • When ever possible the combination of glue and a screw, nail or staple, a glue and a joint, a glue and stitching or binding, will guarantee a successful bond.
    • The seams and taut binding of the corset brought a sensual awareness to the nerve endings of each long finger.
    • I repeated the same binding technique on the edges of two slash pockets.
    • Sew the medium blue binding strips together at the short ends.
    • She named it for the journalistic quote mentioned above, using red thread to quilt it and a red and black binding.
    • For a fine finish on short-haired furs, finish the raw edge with seam binding and secure the hem with double catch-stitching as noted above.
    • Make ties from ribbon or from leftover fabric or binding.
    • The women's version, in sizes S - 2XL, is an ottoman knit tee with solid binding along the scoop neck opening.
    • If the binding around the edge is glued on, don't rub it or let it get very wet.
    • I was just not sure which one I wanted to put money into, and then it hit me, my hand was hurting from hand sewing binding on the formerly cut with scissors strip quilted placemats!
    • If you want a more deconstructed look rather than girly, trim off the ruffle hem binding of a tulle slip and the result will be more edgy than prom queen.
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    (on ski)
    fijación femenino
    • Since then the company has led the market with new developments such as shifters built into brake levers and pedals that riders can click into like a ski binding.
    • On March 19, 2003, Dynafit announced that they were bagging the Tri-Step ski binding.
    • The first engagement is adapted to mate with the second engagement member to engage the snowboard boot to the binding.
    • Adjusting Naxo bindings for different boot sizes and release settings is easy.
    • We all use machinery, whether it be a bolt drill, knee joint, ski binding, or snowmobile.
    • By now you should have your boot in your binding, looking something like this.
    • With the possibility of inconsistent release that many touring bindings have, this could be important.
    • The biggest concern is that the safety release of AT bindings is not designed to protect ankles in soft boots.
    • True durability evaluation of a ski binding takes several seasons of consumer distribution.
    • Time tested and reliable Dynafit TLT ski binding in touring mode with heel lift, brake installed and retracted for touring.
    • The recipe is simple but tasty: add an ice skating blade with a clip-in ski binding to a skate-ski boot.
    • Remove the skins, lock heels into their bindings and go for it.
    • Some clip into the pedal (sort of like a ski binding which attaches the rider to the bike) and others look like traditional shoes with firm sole.
    • But hey, I can mount a pair of rando bindings in an hour, so why not give them a whirl?
    • The Alpine Trekker is simply a dummy ski-boot sole that you clip into your alpine ski binding.
    • The company's CEO then made the mystical decision that the ski industry really needed a ski binding built to the same specs.
    • Ascending a mountain on skis requires bindings with a heel release, and ‘skins’ made of mohair or nylon which let the skis glide, turn uphill and grip the snow.
    • Alpine ski binding release was significantly less likely to occur in accidents involving FDP.
    • The Mountain, Sherpa's top-of-the-line model, is improved this year with a new, one-piece, step-in binding.
    • In downhill skiing, your whole foot is secured in a binding on the ski; in cross-country, your heel is free, making it easier to glide along the flats and uphill.


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    (commitment/promise) que hay que cumplir
    Derecho vinculante
    to be binding on sb ser vinculante para algn
    • his decision is final and binding on the parties su decisión es inapelable y vinculante para las partes
    • This seems to me to be inconsistent with a contention that a binding agreement for a joint venture survived.
    • Although Irish Ferries will be allowed to register its vessels in Cyprus, it has committed to a binding agreement under Irish law to maintain the above standards for three years.
    • He talked about his opinion that the Statement of Reconciliation was meaningless without a hard and binding promise from the government that it would change its approach to Indian Affairs.
    • The panel would be expected to negotiate a binding agreement within six months of a successful referendum.
    • We had been separated from the rest of humanity with solemn and legally binding promises to keep mum.
    • Following 18 months of peace negotiations a tiny flicker of hope has emerged promising a binding agreement to restore order.
    • To enquire about a price is to enter into a binding agreement: the stall-holder will keep knocking the price until he or she arrives at a tariff agreeable to you.
    • NGOs have pledged to renew their campaign for such a binding agreement at the World Trade Organization meeting next year.
    • If he had not have interfered with the findings then they would have supported the conclusion that there was a binding agreement as a result of the Adelaide meeting.
    • Unlike the USAir website, there is not need to affirmatively indicate your assent before purporting to enter into a binding agreement.
    • The Justice and Electoral Committee said that we should have such an inquiry, but the committee is unable to make binding promises for the next term of Parliament.
    • Over the course of the next several months, Kerzner will enter into negotiations of binding agreements for both of these projects.
    • A conservation easement is a formal and legally binding agreement that allows the landowner to maintain ownership and use of the land while protecting its natural values indefinitely.
    • Cllr Hawksby admitted that the council is contractually bound having signed a binding agreement with Hyder.
    • Surveying girls' interests, planning for expansion or making binding promises to launch programs can meet this requirement.
    • Nash divided game theory into two parts, cooperative games, in which binding agreements can be made, and non-cooperative games, where binding agreements are not possible.
    • Perkel ended up calling the sales department instead, where a representative informed him that the license was not, in fact, a binding agreement.
    • Unless all the material terms of the proposed contract are agreed, there is no binding agreement.
    • According to specialists in labor law, a signed contract is a binding agreement.
    • All proteges and all mentors are required to articulate individual expectations and goals through a process of open dialogue that results in this binding agreement.
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    que produce estreñimiento