Traducción de bioengineering en Español:


ingeniería biológica, n.

Pronunciación /ˌbaɪoʊˌɛndʒəˈnɪrɪŋ//ˌbʌɪəʊɛndʒɪˈnɪərɪŋ/


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    ingeniería biológica femenino
    bioingeniería femenino
    • But changes brought about by fusion physics could allow the extension of energy resources to fuel further alteration of the environment, and others in bioengineering could involve alteration of the laws of genetics itself.
    • Genetics has allowed the bioengineering of new variations on biology's model organisms. 2001 gave us mice with bigger brains, smarter worms and fruit flies that live twice as long as they are supposed to.
    • With all the recent work involving the genetic code and bioengineering, will future generations be able to sue their ancestors for passing on inferior genes?
    • We are going to have our genomes changed by bioengineering.
    • As the first African American female to earn a Ph.D. in bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego in 1999, Clemmons has a rather personal milestone attached to her name.
    • Other issues, including bioengineering, preserving food by irradiation, and producing an adequate global food supply using sustainable agriculture practices have combined to produce a complex set of problems.
    • Biotechnology applications to animal husbandry have been patented and commercialized, and major corporations invest in animal bioengineering.
    • The key to this bioengineering is having the genome (genetic map) of existing viruses, and more capable equipment and techniques for handling material at the molecular level.
    • What will happen if bioengineering, cloning, global epidemics such as SARS and splitting of society into haves and have nots are taken to extremes?
    • But imagine what bioengineering of the DNA of algae will make possible to accomplish in 10 or 20 years.
    • The November paper fueled concerns that such supposed sanctuaries for natural genetic diversity are feeling the impact of bioengineering.
    • For every vision of a genetically crafted wunderkind, think of the legions of genetically damned who could inherit the Brave New World of bioengineering if it runs amok.
    • Genetic art can help provoke public dialogue about bioengineering and its effect on society.
    • The late Verna Wright, then co-director of bioengineering at Leeds University, called the claim that upright posture is the culprit for frequent back problems in humans ‘nonsense.’
    • Today, we are promised perfection, indeed salvation, through artificial intelligence, genetic research, and bioengineering.
    • Most farms today, especially large meat and dairy farms, are corporate behemoths with tractors the size of luxury yachts, and with their soil and animals enhanced by genetics and bioengineering.
    • Natural resource managers everywhere are continually on the lookout for new developments in information technology, bioengineering, and materials science to meet the increased demands on agriculture.
    • He is interested in finding the place of public dialogue beyond the obvious polarizations - the utopianism that can surround bioengineering as well as the fear that often accompanies its potential outcomes.
    • She explores how new theories of chaos and complexity raise questions about the human ability to comprehend natural processes; ditto for new attempts to decode genomes and for bioengineering generally.
    • Instead of deciding which posts are acceptable and which are not, Indymedia volunteers can be librarians, categorizing posts so that at a click one can find everything having to do with bioengineering, for example.