Traducción de biorhythm en Español:


biorritmo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)rɪð(ə)m//ˈbaɪoʊˌrɪðəm/


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    biorritmo masculino
    • Her travelling sounds guaranteed to pitch even the sturdiest biorhythms into complete chaos.
    • In victims of SAD, winter's increased darkness seems to upset the delicate balance of biorhythms and brain chemicals that regulate everything from hunger and libido to body temperature and sleep.
    • Studies indicate that light regulation and control of biorhythms are functionally interrelated and possibly have a common evolutionary origin.
    • This is a shame as the two chanteuse are highly compatible in all three primary biorhythm cycles.
    • The idea is that each person's unique biorhythms, inner shifts and moods can be balanced by using plant extracts, medicinal foods and therapies suited to each internal season.
    • In the afternoon, your biorhythms take up arms against you.
    • We're moving to a twenty-five hour clock here, apparently, the better to suit both the human biorhythm and the metricised time-keeping systems.
    • The pineal gland is thought to be involved in the maintenance of daily and seasonal biorhythms as well as in the timing of reproduction.
    • In this, you're entertained right along with your current state of biorhythms, which is frenzied.
    • Scientists designed software that can adjust for each pilot's nerve patterns, which can be affected by caffeine use, biorhythms, performance stress and the amount of fat under the skin.
    • Jet lag occurs, I learned, because changes in time zones confuse our internal body clock or our ‘circadian rhythms’; profound biorhythms which date back to Stone Age man.
    • Then, because of age, injury, fatigue, biorhythms or some other NBA circumstance, things always seem to change for them.
    • Maybe my biorhythms are particularly well suited to the West Coast.
    • A balanced and relaxed state after a period of stress and hard work sets a biorhythm that keeps your energy levels in top gear today.
    • The magnetic energy of our planet is responsible for the natural biorhythms of life.
    • Now, researchers say they have found a connection between diet and biorhythm that supports the theory.
    • It is suggested that herbal medicine might be effective for abnormal biorhythm because of the amounts of melatonin found in the crude drugs and Kampo medicines.
    • Yet, it is increasingly common for people to override basic biorhythms and ignore the biological signals for sleep.
    • When compared to men, the biorhythms alter frequently in women.