Traducción de black consciousness en Español:

black consciousness

conciencia negra, n.


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    conciencia negra femenino
    • Jazz and blues singers pioneered messages of black consciousness and artistic collaboration.
    • At the same time, the reviewer appreciates the author's ability to interpret the black consciousness through colonial newspaper advertisements and other sources.
    • ‘I grew up thinking of myself as black because my brothers taught me about black consciousness,’ she says.
    • In any case, Hayes reaped nothing but benefits from Shaft, taking on many of the characteristics of the superfly private eye and beginning to embody the idea of a raised black consciousness.
    • The characters in his comic strip are a throwback to ‘Jesse B. Semple,’ a voice of black consciousness that the author unleashed in the weekly paper in 1942.
    • So this allows you to account for all the ambivalence that informs the efforts to construct a Chicano consciousness, a black consciousness, and so forth.
    • Doug, a pianist and songwriter, and Jean, a singer, had put out a series of black consciousness jazz albums on the Black Jazz label.
    • This was part of the era when I discovered the roots of Caribbean music, probably due to the black consciousness of the time.
    • As militant new leaders confronted the establishment and appealed to a rising black consciousness, urban riots manifested the rage and hopelessness that gripped the nation's inner cities.
    • His reaction raises the question of black autonomy and self-possession, suggesting that these parts of black consciousness cannot emerge through the actions of white liberals.