Traducción de black eye en Español:

black eye

ojo morado, n.


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    ojo morado masculino
    ojo moro masculino México
    ojo a la funerala masculino España coloquial
    ojo en compota masculino Cono Sur coloquial
    ojo en tinta masculino Chile coloquial
    to give sb a black eye ponerle un ojo morado (or moro etc.) a algn
    • Magdalene had a broken arm and Jordan had a bruised lip and a black eye.
    • The victim, who suffered a black eye and bruising, was treated in hospital before being discharged.
    • The unprovoked assault left her with bruises and two black eyes.
    • The second man had a broken nose, three teeth knocked out, black eyes, cuts and bruising to the torso and knees.
    • A woman passenger suffered two black eyes, a broken wrist and swollen ankle.
    • A boy of 14 was attacked a week ago near the post office and was treated in hospital for two black eyes and bruised ribs.
    • Witnesses said the two ladies were frequently seen with black eyes and bruises while living with him.
    • The man has a black eye and bruised face, while his wife has an injured neck and double vision.
    • She was later taken to hospital with multiple bruises and a black eye.
    • She'd never given me a black eye or bruises that made it hurt to breathe.
    • Dalton had a black eye and so did Ryan, along with several other bruises.
    • He also suffered a black eye and will need dental work for chipped teeth.
    • I quickly bent over Tristan, he had a black eye and some other bruises, but mostly he was fine.
    • Her parents didn't even notice the bruises or black eyes she received from them.
    • The victim displayed black eyes and facial bruises two days after the incident.
    • Long gone are the days when rows involved only fisticuffs during which the most serious damage to be inflicted was a black eye or a bloody nose.
    • The former power station worker ended up with a black eye, grazes and bruises to his elbow and arm, and a sore shoulder that still aches.
    • It was my good luck that Dad hadn't hit me the day before but I still had a black eye and a few bruises from our last encounter.
    • She'd examine her face in the mirror, gently touching the bruises and the black eyes.
    • Her son, she said, had received two black eyes and a bump to the head, and was badly shaken by the experience.
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    (bad reputation)
    mala fama femenino