Traducción de blanket bath en Español:

blanket bath



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    to give sb a blanket bath lavar a algn en la cama
    • Maybe it was the naughty twinkle in her eye, but I have a clear memory of the game that developed during the blanket baths she gave me.
    • Nursing treatment, by day or by night, includes blanket baths, prevention and treatment of bedsores, and toenail cutting.
    • Every patient had a blanket bath when they arrived on the ward.
    • I was popular at work when it came to doing back rounds and blanket baths because I was good at lifting patients.
    • The routine blanket bath remains one of the most frequently performed, and least often omitted, nursing tasks.
    • Patients were confined to bed at night for ten to twelve hours, necessitating more blanket baths and more bed linen changes.
    • Eventually, my mother takes a job as an orderly at the asylum where she tends the dying, and gives blanket baths to the insane, geriatric, or senile.
    • These duties cover general nursing and include general care of patients, e.g. blanket baths, prevention and treatment of bedsores, and injections.
    • I was hoping that my vet could suggest a way of controlling the grease - a sort of feline blanket bath but instead he suggested giving her a bath.
    • I caught up with him just before the nurses took him inside for his blanket bath, and squeezed a few words out of him.