Traducción de blare en Español:


estridencia, n.

Pronunciación /blɛː//blɛr/


  • 1

    estridencia femenino
    estruendo masculino
    the queen enters to a blare of trumpets la reina entra al clarín de las trompetas literario
    • A haulage company is on trial to drastically cut the din of revving engines and fork-lift trucks, the blare of lorry cab radios and the shouting and swearing of some staff.
    • It was a good night, as we strove to make conversation employing sign-language and shouting against the blare of the music.
    • The loud blare of the buzzer, signalling the end of the game, cut through the gymnasium.
    • Beneath it all is the constant blare of traffic.
    • These systems provide better sound, and also protect musicians' hearing from the blare of the huge sound systems used in large concert halls.
    • A voice, no a whisper, sounded through the air above the blare of the storm.
    • I knew it was him coming when I heard a blare of rock music, followed by the harsh growl of an old, unclean engine.
    • Another blare of trumpets called the attention of the spectators, announcing that the first round of the joust would commence.
    • The girl yelled over the blare of rifle fire from all around.
    • It was barely mid-morning when they heard the first blare of the trumpet.
    • The noise and the blare, the bands and the screaming, the pageantry and oratory of the long full campaign fade on election day.
    • As they walked inside they were greeted by the loud blare of popular music.
    • From the initial blare of the trumpets, the album has that thrill of half-recalled familiarity.
    • Its blare sent birds fluttering from the branches of the live oak that overhung the gate, making the Spanish moss sway as if it were alive.
    • Instead of a sound crew trying to maximize the blare, each musical element of this performance was distinctive.
    • She hears nothing but the breeze rustling the curtains of her bedroom window, and the angry blare of the television coming from her father's bedroom.
    • He cautiously poked the first node, concentrating solely on the object at hand so that he didn't hear the loud blare of ambulances approaching.
    • His multitracked trumpets mimic the weary blare of the foghorns, often taking their pitches as the root notes for fantastic chords.
    • When the wind came roaring across, he could hear in broken waves of sound the riotous blare of the instruments.
    • Where this is not observed, there is no real music, but only a devilish blare and hubbub.

verbo intransitivo

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    (voice/loudspeaker/music) atronar
    blaring horns bocinas atronadoras femenino
    • She jumped as loud trumpets suddenly blared and the roar of approval from a massive crowd sounded.
    • Several hours later, loud music came blaring out of the speakers at either end of the hallway.
    • Sirens blared loudly in my ears, deepening the throb in my temples.
    • Loud rap music blared out of the house as people spilled out of the party onto the lawn.
    • The music, that I was trying to ignore, blared out of a sound system under guidance of a DJ.
    • On the surface of this ghastly shanty town everything looks normal - all colour and bright sunshine and loud Hindi music blaring out.
    • A loud horn blared as they merged onto the highway.
    • As he got up, his chair scooting back and his plate scraping the table sounded like a loud horn blared inside a library.
    • Techno music blared out of every vehicle at every hour of the night.
    • He pressed play on the CD player as the engine started and the music came blaring out.
    • Pro-government slogans were blaring out of loud speakers affixed to cars by campaigners.
    • In contrast, he sees the new, young, dynamic social climbers driving down the streets in their expensive cars with loud music blaring.
    • A column of police cars, sirens blaring, escorted them from the airport to a welcome-home parade.
    • While rock music blared out, the main stage was starkly silent as groups of concert-goers gazed quietly at flowers and candles covering the muddy ground.
    • The cops came with loud sirens blaring and I just prayed that no one would discover me until the coast was clear and I could get away.
    • A loud announcement blared in full volume outside in the corridor.
    • The famous song blared out of the speakers, and some kids even got right up and started dancing.
    • He jumped when he heard the car horn blaring out front.
    • The news blared out on the television set that occupied and lit up the downstage area.
    • All of a sudden, alarms blared out over the loud speakers as the facility went on high alert.