Traducción de blasphemy en Español:


blasfemia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈblasfəmi//ˈblæsfəmi/

nombrePlural blasphemies

  • 1

    blasfemia femenino
    • How stating such obvious facts could constitute blasphemy was not entirely clear.
    • Playwrights came under heavy attack for frivolity, blasphemy, and immorality.
    • The novel was publicly burned (for its manifest blasphemy) at Oxford by William Sewell.
    • Other teachers and students were horrified at this blasphemy.
    • Many aspects of the film did not work for me, which is almost blasphemy when talking about such a classic.
    • He was prosecuted several times for obscenity and blasphemy.
    • How shall this blasphemy be punished?
    • A strict control of blasphemy and bad language was maintained.
    • Paul's blasphemy was unintended, and he repented when he recognized the truth.
    • Idols are worshipped by various religions, while idolatry is blasphemy to others.
    • Before I elaborate on his numerous and profane blasphemies, perhaps an introduction to the professor would be helpful.
    • He's gone from an evangelical upbringing to religious blasphemy.
    • The devout Catholic was drunk and began to pour forth appalling blasphemies.
    • Can an author with reason complain that he is cramped and shackled if he is not at liberty to publish blasphemy, bawdry, or sedition?
    • Is a culture that's gone so far away from the substance of Christianity really able to discern what is blasphemy?
    • He became notorious in England for drunkenness, blasphemy, and lechery, and for having abandoned his wife and child.
    • Questioning God is the ultimate blasphemy.
    • Just the other day, I heard the worst blasphemy come from that woman's mouth.
    • A child from a Christian home can be put in an embarrassing situation if asked to read aloud a passage including swear words and blasphemy.
    • He told people he was the Son of God when he knew that, in saying so, people would either think him insane or accuse him of blasphemy.