Traducción de bliss en Español:


dicha, n.

Pronunciación /blɪs//blɪs/


  • 1

    dicha femenino
    felicidad absoluta femenino
    marital bliss felicidad conyugal femenino
    • he's in a state of bliss está en la gloria
    • what bliss to take these shoes off! ¡qué gustazo quitarme estos zapatos!
    • Now those dreams of domestic bliss will shortly become reality.
    • By then, my mother had already settled down to the life of domestic bliss and traditional values that feminism had rebelled against.
    • As if the last entry wasn't enough, here's another tale of domestic bliss.
    • By working less and staying at home more, I believed naively that my husband would come home to domestic bliss and a happy marriage would ensue.
    • Then she got married, got a cat and put her feet up in domestic bliss.
    • I recently asked a married couple who are friends of mine if they planned to have children now that they have settled into a life of domestic bliss.
    • Some sighed contentedly at the sight of such bliss, the perfect pairing of two people who loved each other.
    • So, it is possible to combine domestic bliss and socialising!
    • It's just that domestic bliss is not necessarily their first priority in life and many can wait for most of a lifetime without feeling any loss.
    • Years of bottled up emotions spilled out in one brief moment of perfect bliss.
    • Domesticity is chic and desirable, and domestic bliss is what millions of women hanker for.
    • It's a scene of almost domestic bliss, it's joyous in some ways; it's familiar and heartwarming.
    • Before settling into domestic bliss his enjoyment at times meant that his training suffered.
    • I can live my life in perfect bliss knowing all too well that nothing I ever do will make any difference in this beautiful universe.
    • The cat was regarded as an essential element in scenes of domestic bliss and happiness.
    • We laughed of the laughter that only lovers know, the laughter of joy, contentment and relief, the laughter of pure bliss and happiness.
    • It is preternaturally quiet, as in one of those movies in which scenes of domestic bliss are a harbinger of something truly horrible.
    • Domestic bliss, not that it ever accurately described our family life, was definitely a thing of the past.
    • Opiates flood you with dopamine, causing high levels of bliss.
    • He was not a man by all accounts to have enjoyed domestic bliss.
  • 2

    gozo masculino
    • On the spiritual plane it is revealed in the experience of eternal bliss.
    • Bringing others to a better spiritual bliss is important and beautiful.
    • It is only in the lap of the Himalayas that he found real peace, spiritual bliss and intellectual enlightenment.
    • He supplicates before Lord Shiva for a boon of spiritual bliss.
    • But, drawn out of her spiritual bliss and feeling trapped, she quickly turns the tables.
    • One alternative offers eternal bliss, the other, eternal damnation.
    • I'm sure that the promise of sheer bliss in the afterlife appeased some people's fears.
    • This feeling of being loved and supported by the Universe in general and by certain recognizable spirits in particular is bliss.
    • The teachings are telling us that if we see it this way, we will experience great wisdom and great bliss.
    • With half-closed eyes he is immersed in meditation, in divine bliss.
    • Those who are not in this category are deprived of such comfort and bliss.
    • Although he wasn't in a habit, he had a beaming smile that suggested a state of spiritual bliss.
    • Concentration on the self, quelling the passions, and becoming calm are the hallmarks of this path, the goal of which is bliss.
    • We may have to go through many ‘lives’ before we achieve heavenly bliss.
    • You may call it transcendental bliss, purified intuition that enables one to see the Supreme as one's own Self.
    • They experience spiritual bliss and divine glory according to their individual spiritual capacities.
    • The man who would conquer his contradictory feelings, would reach bliss in the afterlife.
    • The Torah teaches us that there is an eternal life, a wholly spiritual life, whose bliss is far greater than the human mind can imagine.
    • This gives them a mystical identification with the entirety, and deep forms of bliss.
    • He possesses a spiritual body composed of eternality, knowledge and bliss.