Traducción de blithering en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈblɪðərɪŋ//ˈblɪð(ə)rɪŋ/



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    you blithering idiot! ¡imbécil! coloquial
    • A blithering idiot is never considerably likable, nor a worthy companion to anyone knowledgeable.
    • However, unlike his predecessor, he was a blithering idiot with charm and charisma.
    • We'd have to be blithering morons to put ourselves so far out there without rock-solid evidence.
    • I will quickly write something intelligent tomorrow to atone for the blithering idiot I am tonight.
    • He was used to my being a blithering idiot in his presence and the confidence of my lie seemed to throw him off.
    • You aren't the blithering idiot the past few have been, and I have this feeling that you're not racist.
    • Not that he's a blithering idiot or anything but he tends to be forgetful, a lot.
    • Then what am I paying you for you blithering idiot?
    • Following that moment of blithering mayhem, she had punched the car into drive after shoving the key mercilessly into its sheath.
    • It is blithering nonsense to suggest that customers are being ripped off by thousands of pounds a minute.
    • I was sure he thought I was a blithering idiot or worse.
    • Apparently, it never occurred to this blithering idiot that I had actually given thought to how my material was presented.
    • Who was the blithering idiot that came up with that one?
    • And he is free to be a blithering moron, because there is no law against being a blithering moron.
    • Now our guys are dying everyday because of a blithering miscalculation on your part.
    • What better tribute to the blithering indecision that has made us the nation we are today?
    • Through some strange process of absorption, many otherwise intelligent individuals become blithering idiots under the barrage of abuse that is pledging.
    • He looked me slowly up and down as if I was some kind of blithering idiot.
    • It is to my eternal shame that I am absent-minded and occasionally a blithering idiot.
    • How could you be such a blithering, unconscious cretin?