Traducción de blood feud en Español:

blood feud

enemistad mortal, n.


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    (entre familias) enemistad mortal femenino
    • The war then became a blood feud and the death of Longshanks in 1307 gave Bruce the initiative.
    • However, if two families are experiencing a blood feud, they may settle their agreement through a marriage alliance.
    • The rights and obligations surrounding the concept of honor have often led to the blood feud, which frequently lasts for generations.
    • Who could have foreseen the blood feud that would persist to this day.
    • Here, the tale of a long blood feud between two families is transported to Brazil, but the resonant thematic material would work anywhere.
    • Certainly, a case that would have to jump out at us as the quintessential blood feud in the West would be the Lincoln County war of 1878-81.
    • Before Ali can win his princess, there's a war followed by a blood feud to overcome.
    • These disputes quickly became outright battles and soon a blood feud began between then two countries.
    • In Wales the gentry seem to have discarded the blood feud along with other elements of Celtic culture.
    • The Secretary of State notes that you claim that your father approached village elders with a request that they mediate in the blood feud in which your family is involved.
    • As might be imagined, this seeking of justice would often escalate into a private vendetta and eventually into a blood feud between families or tribes.
    • His family is involved in a blood feud that takes place on Iceland.
    • Her family did battle with the, a vicious blood feud that lasted a decade.
    • I think they have been killed due to a blood feud, which happen in the north.
    • The tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers in 14 th-century Verona, their romance doomed by the longstanding blood feud between their respective families.
    • A blood feud had been occurring between the two races for thousands of years.
    • ‘We are sorry about what happened,’ he says, but argues that the deaths were the result of a decades-long blood feud between the families.
    • They had been denied betrothal to each other by their fathers and by the tradition of their clans for there was a blood feud between their two great families.
    • And now he's left the Cowboys for the Redskins, who have been engaged in a decades-long blood feud with each other.
    • But you must use discretion if you wish to survive your blood feud.