Traducción de bloodlust en Español:


sed de matar, n.

Pronunciación /ˈblədˌləst//ˈblʌdlʌst/


  • 1

    sed de matar femenino
    deseo de matar masculino
    • It's seems that only in their flaccid middle age that they got inspired to bloodlust and glory.
    • I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust.
    • Any intellectual who didn't manage to flee into exile was killed during his bloodlust.
    • This season doesn't do much to satisfy the audience's bloodlust.
    • The hero is the agent of horror and bloodlust and revenge.
    • Or was it just a matter of the soldiers running out of control, fired by bloodlust and not behaving like human beings any more?
    • She completely fails to query whether or not this competitive bloodlust is something we as a society want to encourage.
    • However, and this is where war and crime seem to be one and the same thing, there will always be moments in the heat of battle when rules are forgotten and bloodlust takes over.
    • Despite himself, he looked back and saw the form of a large dog crossing the river, eager to reach him, bloodlust shining in its canine eyes.
    • This new wave of bloodlust, it occurred to me, is more a result of feeling helpless, than of anything rational or reasonable.
    • Whilst the narrator poses questions to himself and the viewer, the nature of death, bloodlust and voyeurism is brought home.
    • Nothing will sate their bloodlust and hatred other than to kill everyone of us or at least die trying.
    • My fear turned to malice, and my breathing became quicker as my bloodlust deepened.
    • There is a certain grim logic in going from one kind of bloodlust in war to another in addiction.
    • Maybe it's meant to raise your bloodlust, but Daniel didn't get swept away.
    • Despite careful breeding, not all hounds will chase a fox or show bloodlust - the penalty for this is to be shot by the hunt.
    • But at the end of the day you have to justify your bloodlust.
    • The driver let out a terrifying cry of bloodlust.
    • She had grown up hating her husband's bloodlust, and no one doubted murder when he shot her during one of his hunting trips.
    • She saw the expressions on their faces, hungry and full of bloodlust.