Traducción de bloodthirsty en Español:


sanguinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈblədˌθərsti//ˈblʌdθəːsti/

adjetivobloodthirstiest, bloodthirstier

  • 1

    • Not that people had much choice in the matter - bandits were ruthless and bloodthirsty.
    • Perhaps the goal was to show that a cultured and civilized man could be reduced to a bloodthirsty assassin in extraordinary scenarios.
    • There he was, one man, threatening to kill almost thirty hard, bloodthirsty outlaws?
    • They aren't bloodthirsty barbarians, they are people who believe that if a crime is bad enough then one can justify taking the life of the person.
    • He acquired a reputation for being bloodthirsty and ruthless, to go with his reputation for cunning.
    • The enemy would probably be bloodthirsty bandits just waiting to kill him.
    • We are not the bloodthirsty killers the detectives would lead you to believe.
    • They are part of a village that is being plagued by wild and bloodthirsty wolves.
    • The violent, bloodthirsty gang who are holding him are notorious throughout the criminal underworld.
    • Showing that some of those killed were even more bloodthirsty than their killers is no extenuation.
    • It is an unspeakable act of violence carried out by unspeakably nasty vicious bloodthirsty thugs.
    • Often regarded as a bloodthirsty dictator, he was later valued for his social ideals of reducing inequality and ensuring work for all.
    • Such cannibalistic behavior has fueled the squid's reputation as a bloodthirsty sea creature.
    • Picasso collected African masks, Eisenstein filmed the bloodthirsty gods sculpted by the Aztecs.
    • He was even more cruel and bloodthirsty than his father.
    • Until Victoria's reign, Vikings were portrayed as bloodthirsty and violent.
    • The Vikings had a reputation for being bloodthirsty and cruel in an age that was itself hard and accustomed to cruelty.
    • The regime was mercilessly brutal and bloodthirsty.
    • He's quite bloodthirsty, killing anyone who disobeys him and gets in his way.
    • You are being so bloodthirsty, so ruthless, and you are much too strong for your age and training.
  • 2

    (description/story) sangriento
    • I've seen complaints about the level of violence and it is indeed staggeringly bloodthirsty.
    • For instance, the pirates are not the bloodthirsty savages characterized by most films in this genre.
    • The film's basically a non-stop bloodthirsty assault on humanity, and as such it's consistently unsettling.
    • There are lashings of bloodthirsty violence in the film, but plenty of pitch-black humour too.
    • The film is a little bloodthirsty sometimes during the battle scenes.
    • The music stopped for the Primary School who told the audience the real story behind Cinderella and the bloodthirsty Prince Charming.
    • Even allowing for these excesses, the most serious problem with the novella lies in its bloodthirsty ending.
    • Most people would allow, though, that bloodthirsty material could be a catalyst in rare cases where very damaged children are exposed to an overload of vicious fantasy.
    • So why does he keep making movies about bloodthirsty loners out for revenge?
    • Fans of gloomy, bloodthirsty action movies will probably be entertained.