Traducción de blot en Español:


borrón, n.

Pronunciación /blɒt//blɑt/


  • 1

    (of ink)
    borrón masculino
    manchón masculino
    • The big purple blot is settlement.
    • He wrote that he knew the topography of each book's blots and dog ears and could trace the dirt in it to having read it with tea and buttered muffins.
    • I turned and saw a dark blot on the snow meandering slowly towards us down the bank, which after a moment resolved itself into a ragged man leading a pair of mules.
    • Red blots of paint covered the soldiers' uniforms.
    • Its white breast was bordered by broad dark swaths and had a dark blot right in the center.
    • A few blots of cloud were on the blue morning sky, with light haze beneath.
    • The road that we traveled now was an old shepherds' route that would soon split into two paths, one that curved towards the north and another that continued east through a dark blot that at first glance looked like a smudge on the page.
    • It was more sensed than seen, a darker blot in the gale-lashed dark, and he frowned and raised one hand, trying vainly to shield his eyes in an effort to see better.
    • On a lower shelf stands a small piece of clear Plexiglas upon which yellow blots have been painted.
    • Crucially, there were two faint marks in the text that could either be full stops or else accidental blots of ink, thereby casting doubt on the intended meaning of the text.
    • A closer look reveals entire nighttime cityscapes embedded in the blots of paint, glimpses of Paris, Hong Kong, Prague, and other cities from Park's travels.
    • He was hard at work on his magnum opus: a painting, six feet tall, of the Savior's slaughter on the cross, a feral Pollockian image simultaneously repelling and exhilarating; the colors clamored in crimsons and yellows, blacks and speckled, blue blots.
    • It appeared as a blot against the pale blue sky, shrinking steadily until it vanished completely.
    • I switch on the light and, before crossing the threshold, I scan the room for dark blots that aren't supposed to be there.
    • Jill's face and neck, already sweaty and pink from running, became covered in red blots.
    • He held up his paper, revealing a large blot of ink in the middle of his letter.
    • Her first piece in this mode was Peggy Lee and the Dalmatian, which comprises 18 puddles of fabric stained with black blots that are distributed in different densities and compositional drifts from sheet to sheet.
    • His technique involved a painstaking process of multiple drawings, precise geometry and carefully applied blots of paint, often taking months.
    • This almost monochrome work ranges from black to gray-blue to white, with a few blots of red.
    • That is truly a blot of ink and not a name, my lord.
  • 2

    blot (on sth)
    • the factory is a blot on the landscape la fábrica afea / estropea el paisaje
    • I don't think it will be a blot on the landscape because it is hidden away.
    • Today relieved residents - who claimed the mast would pose unacceptable health risks and create a blot on the landscape - were celebrating a ‘victory for common sense.’
    • He said people should be determined to fight ‘this blot on our landscape’ even if calls for a public inquiry failed.
    • The action followed a lengthy campaign by some local people who were unhappy about the site and said it was a blot on the landscape.
    • Since in life they climbed mountains or visited remote spots precisely to get away from the tat of everyday life, it can be presumed that they would be most upset to find that, in death, they had caused a blot on the landscape themselves.
    • ‘It's within a stone's throw of the Leeds-Liverpool canal conservation area, a listed mill building, a popular walking route and it would be a blot on the landscape,’ he said.
    • The now derelict site, next to one of England's most treasured heritage sites, has been a blot on the landscape since the Jolly Boatman pub was demolished.
    • Meanwhile, a 25-metre phone mast in Gilstead, which protesters said would be a blot on the landscape, is also set to be approved.
    • Opponents claim that the 100 metre-high turbines, along with the transmission lines, underground cables and substations needed to transmit the electricity to the main network, are a blot on the landscape.
    • Their action comes amid concerns that mobile phone masts pose possible health risks and that the the 15-metre high structure under consideration would be a blot on the landscape.
    • Wind turbines have proved hugely controversial in rural settings, where campaigners have branded them a blot on the landscape and complained about noise.
    • Also, a bridge would have to satisfy an environmental assessment, to determine whether it would be a blot on the landscape.
    • It would be a blot on the landscape and has potential health and safety risks.
    • And it has done it without being a blot on the landscape as it crosses a river and three peat bogs and cuts through a landfill site before squeezing its way past the town centre alongside a road, railway and canal.
    • There's not a lot of countryside where people can walk around here and these turbines would be a blot on the landscape.
    • But it had become a blot on the landscape for so long because it was underused.
    • Not really a head-turner, the bike makes up for the blots in the beauty department, with its gizmo-like qualities!
    • They are worried the mast would become a blot on the landscape and fear the health hazard from radiation emissions.
    • Despite numerous calls to the council's cleansing and park departments it remains a blot on the landscape.
    • They believe that the wind farm will be a blot on the landscape, will be noisy and will result in a loss of green space for people who use and enjoy the countryside, such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

verbo transitivoblotted, blotting

  • 1

    (stain, smear)
    (word/page) emborronar
    (word/page) borronear
    • And towering above them all, you have one of the dozens of cranes that continue to blot our capital's skyline, and no doubt will continue to do so for years to come.
    • Sculptured finishes may require use of a soft nylon - bristled brush in a rotating motion to get the detergent solution into all the crevices; blot up with absorbent cloth or paper towel, and rinse.
    • Keep clean cloths nearby and blot away pools of stain that might be near the painters' tape.
    • When you have finished applying the second coat of lipstick, blot the centre of your lips.
    • Then, dip the sponge into the glaze and then blot off all extra paint with newspaper or paper towels.
    • The tissue samples were rinsed in ice-cold normal saline and were blotted.
    • And he blots his face now, to prove to us he is not oily!
    • Wild-type and transgenic leaves, from each treatment plate in the previously described study, were blotted dry and weighed.
    • After blotting away the excess of lipid, the grids were plunged in liquid ethane.
    • She blotted her lips on a tissue, like I'd seen Aunt Jean do, then hooked my arm in hers.
    • The section surface was rinsed with distilled water and gently blotted with wipes for a few seconds to remove the excess liquid.
    • And fortunately enough, I just blotted my oily face so I'm quite sure I looked my prime.
    • The doctor pulled out a handkerchief to blot the stain from his slacks.
    • You can also use it for blotting handwashed clothes to dry overnight.
    • Rather, just blot the stain and call a professional carpet cleaner who is trained to use specific solutions or a heat transfer, which uses steam and a solution to transfer the fugitive dye to a cotton towel.
    • Some of the ink had blotted already, spattered with black blood as it was - but it was still readable.
    • Fresh material was rinsed in deionized water and blotted carefully with tissue paper.
    • After grids were blotted and air-dried, the samples were stained.
    • A little colour also washes out of heavily toned prints, which should be blotted or squeegeed after washing, so the colour does not continue to bleed.
    • And as he continues - a flashlight jerry-rigged under his arm - he sets about blotting things dry, one by one, with a flowered sponge.
    • Areas that are too wet with the turpenoid can be carefully blotted with a cotton swab, or an unappealing value can be lifted with a cotton swab dabbed in turpenoid.
    • My hand is shaking as I write, and I fear that these pages will be blotted.
    • Walls were blotted with absorbent paper before being lowered into the oil.
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    (ink/signature) (con papel secante) secar