Traducción de bludgeon en Español:


aporrear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈblədʒən//ˈblʌdʒ(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

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    • A widow was bludgeoned to death as she sat down to her lunch at home in what appears to have been a motiveless attack.
    • No one gets hurt - apart from two unfortunate eels that were bludgeoned to death on one of the evenings this writer was watching.
    • Five of the penguins which were bludgeoned to death in a brutal attack on six penguins, two gannets and two pelicans at the East London aquarium on Sunday night.
    • And it is no secret Martha was bludgeoned to death.
    • Well, the police spokesman says that the boys were bludgeoned to death with what he called a blunt instrument.
    • I, on the other hand, unable to engage them in conversation without the fear of being bludgeoned to death by a giant toupeed trouser snake, told everybody on the street.
    • Tuesday's march comes barely a week after a 17-year old school girl was bludgeoned to death by her teenage boyfriend
    • Detectives today urged the tenant of a York bedsit where two men were found bludgeoned to death to come forward.
    • ‘No more, no more,’ pleaded one protester, bleeding heavily from his face and head as up to three or four paramilitary police bludgeoned him remorselessly with heavy batons.
    • The grandmother was bludgeoned to death and left in the house, where her body was discovered the next day by a visitor.
    • Cats have been bludgeoned to death in front of farmers.
    • I mean, I just drew him being bludgeoned to death.
    • I meant to post this yesterday, but apathy repeatedly bludgeoned me over the head with a large fluffy pillow.
    • The victim's identity has not been disclosed, but it is thought he was bludgeoned to death.
    • If you told her that her entire family had been bludgeoned to death by a psychopath, she would smile. A smile is her default facial expression.
    • Then his neighborhood turned ugly: a talk show host who lived nearby was bludgeoned to death in his sleep; residents stopped walking the streets after nightfall.
    • Mary, charmingly, has already had some traditional sealskin clothes made - we don't know if she chose the animals to be bludgeoned to death herself, or left it up to the experts.
    • He was bludgeoned to death with the butt of a pistol on the Caribbean island of Margarita on Sunday, October 16.
    • She was bludgeoned to death outside her home on December 30, 2001.
    • He was bludgeoned to death outside the nightclub.
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    to bludgeon sb into sth/-ing
    • they have to be bludgeoned into spending less hay que obligarlos a reducir sus gastos
    • Mark was a State employee with no criminal history before he was indicted for a crime that he did not commit and now his family are finacially ruined and he has been bludgeoned into signing a plea bargain by the legal vampires.
    • Four songs into the set and the crowd hadn't been won over so much as bludgeoned into submission, utterly blown away by the band's impressive rock & awe assault.
    • I have nothing to hide, but I am still vulnerable and will be unable to speak openly until I am unable to be persecuted by departments bludgeoned into submission by our rogue government.
    • When employers don't follow his recommendations, he would like to know the reason why, but he doesn't want them bludgeoned into line
    • Most of these civil societies have been bludgeoned into silence by their regimes, with even the more representative systems denying their citizens true political participation.
    • We need reminding, to be shown the proximity of the amazing digital wonder that we interface with, not bludgeoned into thinking that the screen and the chips and the coding are the flat, boxy equivalent of the newspaper.
    • She said: ‘Members of the group do feel as if they are being bludgeoned into it.’
    • What you are left with are faint traces of lyricist her fragile vocals, as if she too has been bludgeoned into submission by the swirl of his sustained sonic extremism.
    • It may work in a rough-and-ready way, since the governments represented on the security council will be bribed, blackmailed, browbeaten and bludgeoned into submission over the next fortnight.
    • The Argentine's waspish persistence and extraordinary retrieval made for some compelling rallies as he tried time and time again to bludgeon him into submission only to see the ball whistle back past his ears.
    • What is needed is a critical mass that cannot be bludgeoned into submission.
    • That meant they couldn't be bludgeoned into staying ‘on message’ but could be encouraged to use their ingenuity and enthusiasm to devise ways of supporting the general thrust of the campaign.
    • She says the international community will not be bludgeoned into granting them refugee status.
    • He would be fired, bludgeoned into silence, or his funding would be yanked.
    • We are not prepared to be bludgeoned into accepting its half-developed plans.
    • No one, however, has reported on the extent to which voters were bludgeoned into voting one way or another by various local thugs.
    • And most staff have to be bludgeoned into writing this material; anyone who volunteers and shows the real desire that he apparently has to cover it is likely to find it a great way to get ahead.


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