Traducción de blue baby en Español:

blue baby

bebé azul, n.


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    bebé azul masculino
    bebé cianótico masculino
    • ‘It's given to mothers to prevent blue babies,’ he said.
    • He was one of 20 Iraqi blue babies (cyanotic heart disease) who were flown to India this month.
    • In a clinical setting this species has been implicated in the so-called blue baby syndrome and nitratebased fertilizer poisonings.
    • It can save a blue baby from Rwanda, and deny treatment to an uninsured middle-class baby in Chicago.
    • It wouldn't have surprised me to find out that he had also been a blue baby.
    • Nitrates in drinking water have been linked to blue baby syndrome, a condition where the oxygen - carrying capacity of an infant's blood is impaired.
    • Nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome - a blood chemistry defect in which the blood's ability to carry oxygen is reduced.
    • When ingested, nitrogen interferes with the blood's ability to carry oxygen, a condition known as methemoglobinemia, or blue baby syndrome, which can be fatal to infants.
    • High levels of nitrate in drinking water, which can be due to agricultural runoff, have been implicated in human health problems, such as blue baby syndrome.
    • According to my Mother I was born a blue baby - due to a lack of oxygen.