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Pronunciación /ˈbluːɡrɑːs//ˈbluˌɡræs/


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    hierba que se usa como forraje
    • The greens, fairways, and tee boxes are of creeping bentgrass, while the rough is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and fescue.
    • Grass will run short of water first but bluegrass that turns brown from dry weather is only dormant and not dead.
    • Botanical species in this ancient ecosystem included sagebrush, bluegrass, sedges, and herbs.
    • Constant watering encourages grassy weeds like foxtail and perennial grasses like bluegrass to invade alfalfa.
    • The incongruously named Bermuda grass and Kentucky bluegrass, for example (the first is native to Africa, the second to the Middle East), became so common they're considered native grasses by many.
    • Developing trees alter the microclimate, which encourages a shift from desirable warm-season native grasses to introduced cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass.
    • In this region, cool-season grasses such as fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and turf-type perennial ryegrass thrive.
    • Lawns of Kentucky bluegrass, buffalo grass, and tall fescue go dormant in winter and can survive without irrigation for many months.
    • Then shade-tolerant turfgrasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass or hard fescue, can hold their own.
    • Cool-season grasses, such as fescues and Kentucky bluegrass, are tall so you cut them higher.
    • Most lawns contain a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass and rye grasses from Europe, which are not really suited to the climate here.
    • Playing surfaces will include bentgrass tees, fairways and greens, with bluegrass roughs and fescues in out-of-play areas.
    • Leaf spot is a problem on fescue while melting-out is more of a problem on Kentucky bluegrass.
    • Similarly, a weed topic that is popular is the control of annual bluegrass, primarily in northern areas.
    • Frost seeding is also more successful when pastures are dominated by bunchgrasses, such as orchardgrass, rather than by dense sod-formers, such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.
    • Tall fescue and perennial ryegrass are more resistant than bluegrass and Bermuda.
    • Two grass species, tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass were examined to address these objectives.
    • Lawns composed of cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue are best aerified in the fall, when there is less heat stress and danger of invasion by weedy annuals.
    • By contrast, shallow-rooted grasses like bluegrass need plenty of water or go dormant and brown in summer.
    • Mow cool season grasses like fescue and bluegrass every two weeks in cool months, and monthly during hot weather.
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    blue grass masculino
    • Swathed in delicate bluegrass guitar riffs and a gentle bass line, the song is as flesh and engaging now as it was 35 years ago.
    • I'm getting into the acoustic version of bluegrass with things like banjos and mandolins, bongos and things like that, and that's kind of what I'm into right now.
    • The guest artists he attracts, from genres as diverse as classical to jazz to bluegrass to country are consistently outstanding.
    • This time around, the focus is on gospel-based material rather than bluegrass and hillbilly music.
    • Most contemporary forms of music - rock, blues, jazz, bluegrass, country - have a common ancestry, if you go back far enough in time.
    • The band sounds incredible pouring out these intricate songs that touch on country, bluegrass, blues and mild rock.
    • Throughout there are 1950s-style big band blasts, bluegrass and banjo, cowbells and Cajun sunsets to surprise and ensnare you.
    • Traditional music and country music, especially bluegrass, were his special loves
    • Listen to our music and you will hear elements of bluegrass and rock-a-billy through to soul, blues and rock.
    • On some songs he even takes a crack at singing and there is the continuing sense that he is moving away from hip hop beats towards a more bluegrass, country, folk-addled sound.
    • There's a smattering of lightening fast bluegrass banjo picking and whole array of strange folk tunings presumably descended from both the alternative and traditional sides of Americana.
    • Blending country, bluegrass and spaghetti western music with their punk rock and surf backgrounds, these musicians have forged a tight chemistry.
    • And, if you're interested in a musical tie-in with this crowd, check out the reggae, bluegrass, and folk music scenes.
    • He moved to Memphis, birthplace of rockabilly, an earthy blend of country music, bluegrass, blues, gospel and swing jazz, hoping to break into the local music scene.
    • Its mandolin-driven lilt is perfectly pitched to appeal to all those recent bluegrass converts and alt country fiends alike.
    • It confirms that they now surpass bluegrass ' mandatory virtuosity and have become not just American favourites, but world-beaters.
    • It's very homely and informal and I love the bluegrass and country music.
    • Throw in a half dozen festivals featuring everything from country and bluegrass to jazz and blues and you have an unparalleled musical feast in Alberta.
    • First, there has been no single source of orthodoxy, as there was in bluegrass, jazz, or Western swing.
    • More importantly, the culture and music of hillbillies went on to play a major role in influencing modern country and bluegrass.