Traducción de boarding house en Español:

boarding house

pensión, n.


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    pensión femenino
    casa de huéspedes femenino
    • Until a few years ago this was a scary place, a district of seedy boarding houses, single-room-occupancy hotels and mechanic's garages.
    • We visited a lot of these hostels and shelters and boarding houses that day.
    • On one occasion during a brief visit from Istanbul, when I was ill and resting in one of Selçuk's boarding houses, my husband asked the poor village lady who cleaned for the owner, to visit me.
    • Unskilled single men often had rooms in boarding houses run by native residents, while families were housed in tenements owned by the companies.
    • Decent accredited accommodation was scarce and many mentally ill people ended up in private rundown boarding houses were they were mistreated and exploited.
    • The councilman was met with a large degree of skepticism regarding his proposal for distance requirements when he grouped student housing into the same category as boarding houses and group homes.
    • For the holidays of the working classes were almost always spent in towns: ‘the beach’ meant the pier, sideshows, and bathing cabins, backed by hotels, boarding houses, and shops.
    • There is a common myth that private boarding houses efficiently provide safe well-managed affordable housing.
    • In the mid 1990s there were only about 50 boarding houses in Germany where accommodation was offered in fully furnished apartments including all services such as washing and cleaning.
    • That is, over one-third of the total served in non-household settings such as hotels and boarding houses.
    • Yesterday in the neighbourhood, a local man, who asked not to be identified, said much of the area consisted of multi-occupancy and boarding houses, with some private houses.
    • Over the last 30 years, 360,000 more adults of working age moved into seaside towns than moved out - not only because people like living by the sea but because of the number of empty rooms to let in former boarding houses.
    • Colorado is also saturated with boarding houses and lodges, each famous for its own experiences.
    • There may be a tourist tax (as in several European countries), levied at a flat rate on hotels and boarding houses.
    • Coffee houses and boarding houses became important places where immigrants could socialize and share job prospects, read newspapers and discuss politics, and participate in their associations.
    • You can sell these directly to household customers, restaurants, hotels and boarding houses for use in their dining rooms or preparing meals for sale to customers.
    • Boston led the way up to 1900 in imposing strict standards of egress for many new buildings and all tenements and boarding houses.
    • Along the Baltic coast more than six hundred hotels, boarding houses, and restaurants became the property of the state.
    • Their house was originally a boarding house and each door still had a number on it.
    • He lived a well-ordered bachelor's life, mostly in boarding houses around St Kilda.