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Pronunciación /ˈbuːrəˌvɔːs//ˈbʊrəˌvɔrs//ˈbʊrəˌvɔːs/


inglés de Sudáfrica

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    salchicha de carne de vaca, cordero o avestruz condimentada con varias especias
    • In a fit of breakfast nostalgia, the blonde recently found her great-grandfather's recipe for boerewors.
    • Once, she even put boerewors on coals to treat the men to boerewors rolls.
    • He was so hungry that he ate two helpings of samp and beans, two lamb chops and a piece of boerewors.
    • Like a genuine bazaar, brötchens, sausage rolls, hotdogs, pancakes, hamburgers, koeksisters, boerewors and sosaties with various cakes and puddings will be served.
    • Another tradition is the braai, which had been cooked on a wood fire, often including sosaties and boerewors as well as steak.
    • There will be a beer tent and the kitchen will be open offering hamburgers, boerewors rolls and curry and rice.
    • This colourful Edinburgh deli is the place to come for South African delicacies such as biltong and boerewors sausages.
    • Suffice it to say that when you have been bombarded with a full-colour ad for boerewors but are then served a solitary cocktail sausage, you tend to feel a trifle disappointed.
    • You go to ‘braais’ regularly, where you eat boerewors and swim, sometimes simultaneously.
    • Most of the applicants came prepared for the wait with chairs, umbrellas and cooldrinks, while others used the opportunity to sell boerewors rolls and broadcast the cricket score.
    • Their big mistake later was to try to stop South Africans marketing something as indigenous as boerewors.
    • The thought of boerewors and a cold beer is enough to make any South African travelling overseas homesick.
    • Afrikaners favor a meat-and-potatoes diet that includes items such as boerewors, a sausage made of pork.
    • The idea here is to use boerewors, which - believe it or not - can be bought at local South African shops and butcheries.
    • They've lit a braai, or barbecue, and they're brewing tea and frying boerewors, spicy Afrikaner sausage.
    • All the folks who were in that park that afternoon were frying meat and boerewors, drinking Castle Lager and singing!
    • In fact it looks like the intestines of an elephant but when cooked the boerewors changes from a spiral of swollen pink to a delicious sausage.
    • It perpetuates the image of the boorish, boerewors eating, brandy drinking supporter when, in fact, our supporters are highly intelligent with a keen understanding of the game.
    • It is common to have this porridge for breakfast with milk and sugar, and also to eat it with meat or boerewors (boer sausage, made of beef and pork) at a braai (barbecue).
    • The author guides us through the best sausages from the UK and elsewhere, from the French andouillette to the Italian luganeghe, German frankfurter and South African boerewors.