Traducción de boggle en Español:


quedarse atónito, v.

Pronunciación /ˈbɒɡ(ə)l//ˈbɑɡəl/

verbo intransitivo

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    quedarse atónito
    quedarse patidifuso coloquial
    the mind boggles uno alucina México España coloquial
    • to boggle at sth
    • his mind boggled at the thought of all that money se quedó boquiabierto pensando en esa cantidad de dinero
    • The mind boggles, and there is nothing to suggest that residents could have any input other than those elected members who recently ruined the evening economy by introducing such exorbitant parking charges.
    • The mind boggles, as would their's, as should your editors.
    • Marlene Dietrich as the Catwoman… the mind boggles.
    • Wan was 15 when she mastered that art, and the mind boggles trying to imagine a teenager with no hands and half an arm managing this feat.
    • That's why my mind boggles when I hear about things like the Roadsworth trial.
    • When respected performers like her take five million dollars from Chanel No.5 to transform into little more than a big-screen Avon Lady, however, the mind truly boggles.
    • The mind boggles as to why the community was not consulted in the first place.
    • Over a year after the fact, my mind still boggles that it was ever written.
    • That's why my mind boggles when I see or hear people talking about American Idol.
    • There are so many possibilities for double entendre there; the mind boggles.
    • The mind literally boggles as you try to decipher the narrative that might have created this collision of objects.
    • Not for the first time, my friends, the mind boggles.
    • The mind boggles, and just wants to think about something else instead.
    • League tables for teachers, prize-giving ceremonies for teachers… the mind boggles.
    • The mind boggles when confronted with issues such as income tax law, health service regulations, social welfare entitlements and family law.
    • We now have a raft of new ‘universities’ that offer degrees in such a vast range of subjects that the mind boggles!
    • The mind boggles when I consider where this could lead.
    • There is so much traffic here the mind boggles.
    • Imagine what the fiend has done over the course of a year - the mind boggles!
    • The mind boggles, and so, I imagine, do the eyes.