Traducción de bogus en Español:


falso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbəʊɡəs//ˈboʊɡəs/


  • 1

    (complaint/claim) falso
    (argument) falaz
    (address/name/document) falso
    (affection/optimism) fingido
    (optimism/affection) falso
    he's a bogus doctor se hace pasar por doctor
    • a bogus company una empresa fantasma
    • Elderly people are being warned to beware of bogus callers following an attempted burglary in Sutton.
    • John Sweeney, in a TV documentary to be shown tonight, says the figures are bogus.
    • She used four fictitious names on bogus loan applications to her company and pocketed the proceeds.
    • Genuine refugees should then be welcomed and supported while the bogus are sent back.
    • Police are appealing to people in Darwen to keep their homes secure after bogus salesmen swooped on the town.
    • A Downpatrick man was targeted by a bogus caller claiming to want to use his phone.
    • We filter all the e-mails in the evening to verify whether any bogus votes are cast.
    • The narrator showed how money was moved from Citibank to a bogus company.
    • A bogus bailiff is conning youngsters out of their hard earned pocket money, it was claimed today.
    • Then Dawn became the victim of a bogus police officer who used a false warrant card to gain access to her home and quiz her for hours.
    • The danger remains that in focusing on bogus risks, we miss the real ones.
    • And we exposed him as being prepared to offer help to an apparent bogus asylum seeker.
    • Thousands of cab drivers are set to strike in protest at new safety rules designed to end the menace of bogus minicabs.
    • A pensioner has been conned into handing over his life savings to bogus workmen.
    • Much of the book sounds like a bogus impersonation, a belletrist's version of Boris Karloff.
    • He had denied using a false diary and concocting a bogus story in his defence of the Daily Star's claims.
    • Figures on financial loss created by bogus claims involving hi-tech goods are hard to come by.
    • The government has already begun a crackdown on bogus foreign language courses and sham marriages.
    • It was difficult to avoid the conclusion that the claims of fair trade are bogus.
    • Conmen are attempting to make people cough up bogus traffic fines after they return from trips abroad.