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bohemio, adj.

Pronunciación /bəʊˈhiːmɪən//boʊˈhimiən/


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    • Ludvik Moser began making glassware at Carlsbad in 1857 and today Bohemian crystal is prized around the world.
    • I heard talk in the hostel of aqueducts and Bohemian quarters and local volcanoes, but I haven't seen them yet.
    • After his enforced retirement from the army, Gillray's father became a sexton for the Moravians, a fundamentalist Christian sect of Bohemian origin.
    • References to Bohemian metalworking and glass traditions appear here and there.
    • Moravian wine is better than Bohemian wine.
    • Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I'm a big fan of the Bohemian philosopher king, Vaclav Havel.
    • The most prestigious traditional Bohemian glass decoration, Tiefschnit, or deep, intaglio carving, was also adopted by the artists of the avant-garde.
    • Hundreds of restaurants offer everything from traditional Bohemian cooking to international cuisine.
    • Much better are Czech puppets, reasonably priced and wonderful creations - from the simplest hand puppet to terrifyingly complicated creations, from Bohemian witches to Harry Potter, wolves, cats and dragons.
    • The rarely heard Hussite overture opens the programme, a powerful piece laced with Bohemian rhythms and melodies, taking its name from the Hussite warriors of Czech folklore.
    • Also secured was official authority of the Bohemian kings over Moravia.
    • It was reinforced in the middle of the sixteenth century by the attempts of Ferdinand I, the Holy Roman emperor and Bohemian king, to bring the population back under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • CAS, which is 60% proof, is handmade using traditional Bohemian skills and combines pure alcohol with wormwood, herbs and thujone.
    • All have damask walls, marble floors and Bohemian crystal chandeliers.
    • Rafael Kubelik, on the other hand, felt the affinities with Mahler's Bohemian origins.
    • With his dapper suits and Bohemian cravats, Demarco quickly became an instantly recognisable figure on the Edinburgh arts scene.
    • During the day the bridge is so crowded with tourists and street vendors that it's difficult to move, but I manage to buy some beautifully crafted Bohemian glass trinkets for my mom and some friends.
    • People rush off to antique shops and pay a fortune for Bohemian glass but forget it came from the same glass works that now make Czechoslovakian Glass.
    • Although Bohemian glass decorators were certainly present in London around the dawn of the eighteenth century, the locals were already carving their own path.
    • It has a lovely, weathered, Bohemian charm to it.
  • 2also bohemian



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    bohemio masculino
    bohemia femenino
    • The fact that any guests would be Jews or Bohemians barely registered on her.
    • The same result was attained on other frontiers by his successful campaigns against the Wends and Bohemians.
    • By the late second century C.E., peoples such as the Slavs, Germans, Huns, and Bohemians began to raid Austria.
  • 2also bohemian

    (unconventional person)
    bohemio masculino
    bohemia femenino