Traducción de boiler suit en Español:

boiler suit

overol, n.



  • 1

    overol masculino América Latina
    mono masculino España
    • Mr Pickering, who told police he was wearing a blue boiler suit, said after parking his car on the road, he entered the grounds and saw Ms Smith being asked to leave with her placard.
    • His clothes were then cut from his body and he was thrown an orange boiler suit, gloves and headphones to wear.
    • In May 1998, she quit the club, where she had been since 1995, and swapped designer clothes for a boiler suit to oversee her new home's restoration.
    • They stick you in a boiler suit and strap you in.
    • Prisoners are searched going in and out of prison, so smuggling out a whole boiler suit is going to be pretty hard.
    • The party chairwoman might have been better advised to have worn a green boiler suit rather than kitten heels.
    • And what self respecting Janitor would wear the same boiler suit for more than a day?
    • He threw open the wardrobe to reveal a bright orange boiler suit, splattered with oil stains.
    • The happy couple disappeared for a while, and when Trish resurfaced, she did so wearing a boiler suit, swinging a bottle of red wine by the neck.
    • In the centre is a man in a blue boiler suit with a large broom.
    • This consists of an apparently paint-soiled navy boiler suit.
    • Cane cutters in true life cannot afford to wear protective boots, yellow boiler suits, gloves and dainty hats.
    • The collection features pedal pushers combined with a tiny zip jacket, a huge triangular dress, and a single boiler suit.
    • An electrician in a blue boiler suit shouted up to the top of a scaffold.
    • Despite the sweltering heat, the men were dressed in heavy boiler suits, and were hooded and masked.
    • He had on this old, dirty boiler suit, which made you uncomfortable because it blended in at the wrist and neck so you couldn't help but think of him as naked.
    • In the early days he was roped in to help raise funds but soon ended up in a boiler suit and safety helmet.
    • The robber, who witnesses say wore a boiler suit and balaclava, died in hospital from his wounds five hours later.
    • One was wearing a tight-fitting grey boiler suit and a scarf.
    • Open the firedoor and smokebox, don boiler suit and crawl in.