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calderero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbɔɪləmeɪkə//ˈbɔɪlərˌmeɪkər/


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    calderero masculino
    calderera femenino
    • Very soon he had opened his own mobile welding company and recounted taking a team of boilermakers to Tarcoola in the Simpson Desert.
    • Another example was of a boilermaker in his early sixties who had developed problems with both knees and one ankle.
    • Another 200 workers, comprising Teamsters, electricians, sheet metal workers, operating engineers, boilermakers and pipe fitters, honored machinists' picket lines during the strike.
    • I know top students who decided to become welders, or auto mechanics, or boilermakers, or chefs - because they loved working with their hands as well as their heads.
    • It's taken six years, but a Brisbane boilermaker, turned inventor, has signed a deal today to put his retractable syringe on the market.
    • They included electricians, boilermakers, sheetmetal workers, plumbers and pipe fabricators.
    • Even so, where trade unions did form, they represented only a fraction of the industrial working class: élite groups of metalworkers, shipbuilders, boilermakers, miners, building workers, printers, shoemakers, and spinners.
    • This matter of grinding had been mentioned in previous minutes where a demarcation had occurred at Eveleigh Carriage Works between boilermakers and grinders.
    • I mean, if a Bengali weaver, a Jamaican fisherman and an Aussie boilermaker came together, they would all have at least one topic to talk about.
    • Mr Arman, who lived in Osbourne Street, worked as a boilermaker at British Rail from 1937 until 1963.
    • Her father Tom, a boilermaker, died 18 years ago; her mother Dorothy just two years ago.
    • Tests periodically are held in which boilermakers can be assessed by groups of employers.
    • A former boilermaker whose wife died after being exposed to asbestos while washing his work clothes was stripped of his £82,000 damages award yesterday.
    • The 62-year-old Lord Mayor, a boilermaker, has been a councillor since 1994.
    • During the war effort it was stripped of all its finery and put to work by a boilermaker in the Midlands.
    • The creation of Frank McEncroe, a boilermaker from Bendigo, it has become synonymous with good hearty, fried food that can be purchased from the corner shop.
    • Often treated as a separate craft in the open shop, welders are supplied by several unions in the organized sector, such as the boilermakers, plumbers and pipefitters' and ironworkers' unions.
    • War-time guest player Gordon Hodgson, a powerful centre-forward, worked as a boilermaker in his native South Africa when he toured England with their amateur side in 1924-25.
    • As they emerged, Jacobs sang out, ‘We're the boilermakers.’
    • Besides devoting time to contribute to the welfare of my sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, I applied myself to using a computer to generate pattern developments for boilermakers and sheet metal workers.
    • He used to dote on my dad who was a boilermaker at Fawley.
    • Dean, who is a boilermaker by trade, is raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service but says he is also on a personal mission.
    • He was regularly exposed to asbestos in the course of his employments as a boilermaker.
    • A daily examination of each smokebox netting had to be made by a boilermaker.
    • One worker, a boilermaker who left his wife and children in Johannesburg under the impression he had a family visa, went public about his predicament last Wednesday.
    • The daughter of a Merseyside boilermaker, Rita Hunter rose to become one of the great Brunnhildes of the post-war era, most memorably in the famous ENO Ring conducted by Sir Reginald Goodall.
    • Thus the defendant union official could with impunity threaten to call on the boilermakers who worked for the plaintiff to strike unless shipwrights also so employed were dismissed.
    • James was a boilermaker at Harland and Wolff's Liverpool shipyard.
    • There was for instance a building engineer, a boilermaker, two motor mechanics, and a television programme coordinator.
    • A solicitor believes a ruling that saw a former boilermaker whose wife died from asbestos exposure stripped of his damages could affect others.
    • The boiler room still contained the boilermaker's major tools, including three pounding machines, two rolling machines, one shearing machine, two devices for riveting, three forges with bellows, and one anvil.
    • When he grew up he moved to the west coast and earned his living as a boilermaker.
    • These are the homes of your honest artisans - labourers, boilermakers, factory hands and motor mechanics.
    • But Mr Hopwood, a former boilermaker, said the theft of his new silver Peugeot 206 was a crushing blow.
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    whisky con cerveza
    • You were virtually assured there would be at least a couple of men in there quaffing boilermakers who would be just tickled purple to defend a scared kid.
    • The two guys with me had been way generous with the boilermakers.
    • My father and his buddies would have choked on their boilermakers to hear it put that way, but would have appreciated the tone.
    • A sports fan pours himself a boilermaker and sits down to an exciting soccer match on the tube.
    • Remember the night I put away seven boilermakers while in the presence of a naval officer?
    • Just give me the goods, tell me something I didn't know or wouldn't have thought of on my own, and never mind the pictures of your best friend's sister's boyfriend puking in the toilet after downing three boilermakers at his birthday party.
    • Ten bucks says she knocks back a few boilermakers and drunkenly announces ‘Give it up for my husband - everybody else has’.