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boot camp



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    campamento de entrenamiento de reclutas de Marina
    • All I had to do was under go a training program similar to boot camp.
    • I'm also going to see my son graduate from Marine Corps boot camp, sir.
    • If qualified mentally and physically, you then go to boot camp for basic training.
    • Once the platoon graduated from formal boot camp, a squad was assigned to each troop.
    • For the new recruit, fresh from follow-up training after boot camp, this was where he or she met the ‘real’ Navy.
    • By World War I, The Bluejacket's Manual was issued alongside the Handy Book to every recruit entering boot camp.
    • He had done his training apprenticeship at a boot camp north of Denver.
    • They're every bit Marines, even if they don't attend boot camp and aren't assigned combat missions.
    • He even spent a couple of weeks at a military boot camp to prepare, braving extremes of weather from blistering heat to thunderstorms and a tornado.
    • He vividly remembers his boot camp drill sergeant demanding of each new soldier what they were fighting for.
    • He just enlisted this past year, finished his boot camp and his training at Parris Island in South Carolina.
    • After all, the recruits who are in boot camp face a Navy that is different than the one we joined.
    • The mental strength required by each and everyone cannot be given in the form of boot camp or training.
    • Most had heard of the legendary myths of Marine Corps boot camp, but none had seen this level of training up close and personal.
    • The Navy has a delayed entry program, which means that there is a waiting period until recruits are sent to boot camp.
    • The Department of Defense should require all journalists who want to be embedded with troops to attend the boot camp.
    • After boot camp I was assigned to a training command in Memphis where I would spend six months learning to become an avionics technician.
    • The second is simply some great advice for those who are going off to basic training / boot camp..
    • You must be fit, available and willing to cut your hair in a military style and attend an intensive boot camp for two weeks prior to filming.
    • During boot camp one night, the private says, a drill sergeant turned on the barracks lights and falsely accused her and a friend of kissing.