Traducción de bootleg en Español:


dedicarse al contrabando de, v.

Pronunciación /ˈbutˌlɛɡ//ˈbuːtlɛɡ/

verbo transitivobootlegged, bootlegging

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    (whiskey/liquor) dedicarse al contrabando de EEUU
    to bootleg tapes/videos grabar y vender cintas/videos piratas
    • In a way I look at the fact it was bootlegged as a compliment.
    • They have yet to cut an album, but a group of enterprising kids have recorded their concerts and are selling bootlegged cassettes all over the district at $4 each.
    • These tapes - amazingly by the standards of Dylan collectors - have never been bootlegged, but can be heard on the BBC documentary.
    • If you see a couple of mic stands being attended by some dude with a rock shirt, that show is probably being bootlegged.
    • My first real business was bootlegging T-shirts.
    • They bootlegged liquor during the depression, then went legit.
    • For example, before we went into Louisiana, a lot of people were bootlegging our product into Louisiana, so when we arrived there, people already knew about it.
    • It's also expected to cut down on the import of cheaper, bootlegged alcohol by lowering the cost of buying legally-ordered supplies.
    • It's been bootlegged quite a lot though--check out your nearest record fair.
    • Recently, their EP fetched over $500 on Ebay from a U.S. collector, with a German label's bootlegging of their unreleased ‘album’ only adding more fuel to the fire.
    • So unless someone was helpfully bootlegging it, I don't know how you could hear the whole thing.
    • They were sold from a number of different accounts and the man did not say they were bootlegged or illegal in any way.
    • The VCDs are affordable and not bootlegged by illegal manufacturers,’ he said.
    • In 2001, 29% of the pirated films seized were on DVD; so far this year 59% have been bootlegged DVDs.
    • Trading standards bosses at North Yorkshire County Council say that over the past year, they have discovered a number of pubs putting bootlegged whisky, vodka and rum in popular branded bottles.
    • He's been involved in some illegal imports, you know, guns, drugs, bootlegged Metallica T-shirts; but we haven't been able to make anything stick yet.
    • Miles Davis's much bootlegged performances in Poland in the 1980s were signature moments in the decline of Polish Communism, symbols of a yearned-for freedom.
    • National prohibition provided lucrative illegal markets, which some Italian Americans successfully exploited through bootlegging operations.
    • I've also spoken to people whose work has been bootlegged.
    • Commerce Secretary Evans, in China, was complaining about bootlegged copies of American movies selling there for about $1.


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    (liquor/whiskey) de contrabando
    (tape) (invariable adjective) pirata