Traducción de bootlicker en Español:


lameculos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbutˌlɪkər//ˈbuːtlɪkə/



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    lameculos masculino vulgar slang
    pelota femenino España coloquial
    chupamedias femenino Cono Sur Venezuela coloquial
    lambiscón masculino México coloquial
    lambiscona femenino México coloquial
    lambón masculino Colombia coloquial
    lambona femenino Colombia coloquial
    • If we're going to praise him for producing fearless TV news, we should also be ready to damn him for paving the way for all the celebrity bootlickers on red carpets.
    • It would not be the first time that a bootlicker was rewarded with a kick in the teeth.
    • But while most of the defendants there were grovellers and bootlickers, he was not.
    • ‘Those good-for-nothing bootlickers belong at the bottom,’ said Bloomberg.
    • We would rather be that voice than the voice of the sycophants and bootlickers and those hoping for a spot at the trough.
    • If you wrap your derision in the big red flag you'll always have a claque of bootlickers eager to excuse whatever you do.
    • I probably could have gotten away with it for a while, but I got ratted on by some bootlicker at work who spotted me at this junkyard.
    • Everyone knows that the helium-voiced bootlickers don't know a thing about the environment.