Traducción de bosomy en Español:


con mucho busto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbʊz(ə)mi//ˈbʊzəmi/


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    con mucho busto
    a bosomy girl una chica muy pechugona coloquial
    • Chests are bosomy, waists are tucked, and with impressive machines and gadgets, recording studios are able to make even the most off-key voice a pleasure to hear.
    • Women are willowy and bosomy, men all come bearing a twin-bladed knife with serrated edge.
    • He showed me his favorite girls - all quite bosomy, by the way - and I showed him my favorites.
    • Nudity and ribaldry have been a staple of Las Vegas entertainment since Siegel's day, the bosomy chorus girls parading behind the comics and crooners.
    • The images of you jumping around in a bosomy dress shouting ‘I Want Your Body’ are still too recent in my mind, personally.
    • The closest PBR has come to a breakout star is now-retired Ty Murray, who, despite his stellar bull-riding performances, was more widely known for being the on-again, off-again beau of bosomy folk-pop singer Jewel.
    • Played by the luminous Olivia Williams, Anne's influence over her husband's decision-making is intelligent rather than bosomy.
    • ‘Thirteen years ago I met a materialistic, narcissistic, superficial, bosomy woman from Long Island,’ he said at an NRDC fundraiser last year.
    • Benji sidles up to Ghetto girl number two, a dark, bosomy creature who is extremely drunk and ends up dribbling in his ear.
    • And a bosomy matron beside me gripped my arm and said: ‘Oh!
    • His characters - bosomy girls, nagging wives, henpecked husbands and red-nosed drunks - had long been the stock clichés of the music hall and early source material for the Carry On films.
    • How can a small photograph of some P-list celeb like me, with his arm round a bosomy half-dressed soap actress, be of any possible benefit?
    • We have no time to think and read, because we are busy watching bosomy heroines on the small screen.
    • Calling themselves ‘America's sweethearts,’ the Cowboys cheerleaders dispensed bosomy good will at children's hospitals and posed for lush swimsuit pictorials.
    • A life-long penciller of rippling muscles and bosomy babes, he casually refers to Hamlet, Irving Berlin and Ira Gershwin as he describes a life's work in what is often seen as a trashy business.
    • Even as I leave, feeling bosomy and floaty and voluptuous in the nicest possible way, it's there in the back of my mind.
    • ‘It's so good to see you,’ Allison stepped up to greet them, the bosomy redhead oozing false sincerity, ‘though I never expected to see you together!’
    • Levy talks about bosomy women, cheating, illegal casinos, phony casino promotions, the false promises pitched to lotto players, premonitions, video poker, keno and roulette.
    • The ancient style has a bosomy singer with swooning conductor directing strings and harp: the modern style has a complete mix of instruments, including percussion and a rifle being fired, with the conductor in a frenzy.
    • While I'll grant that Boyle does look pretty extra-terrestrial, the filmmakers seemed to have spent a lot of time and resources into making her look bosomy.