Traducción de bounce en Español:


rebotar, v.

Pronunciación /baʊns//baʊns/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (ball/object) rebotar
    (ball/object) picar América Latina
    (ball/object) botar México España
    the ball went bouncing along the road la pelota salió dando botes por la calle
    • the box was bouncing around on the back seat la caja iba dando tumbos en el asiento de atrás
    • the child was bouncing up and down on the sofa el niño saltaba / daba brincos en el sofá
    • to bounce off sth rebotar contra algo
    • the wrestler bounced off the ropes el luchador rebotó contra las cuerdas
    • The missed shots bounced off the walls and ricocheted off the ceiling.
    • And the dog skims low over the surface grabbing the ball before it bounces twice, before it travels beyond the second wave.
    • But that was where she wanted to be, so off she went, bouncing along the springy floor-
    • He bounces happily up and down on his piano stool.
    • The ball bounced off of one of the poles and shot perfectly into the goal.
    • She bounced on the springy seat, playing with the wire puzzle Cinnamon had bought for her.
    • The ball bounced off the inside of the post, across the goal and was cleared to safety.
    • Rebecca jumped in the air bouncing up and down with excitement.
    • When I finished, I looked up to find the dance group bouncing around in the center of the room.
    • Jesse reached for the phone but Lyssa jumped away, bouncing on top of her bed.
    • The ball bounced off the wall, off the floor and back into his hand.
    • He bounced happily when he sat down at his lover's bed.
    • I was bouncing on my bed happily.
    • I kicked my soccer ball into the air and started to bounce it up and down on the heel of my foot.
    • The cue ball bounced off three cushions and rolled back up the table to nudge the red into the pocket.
    • The ball did not drop enough, however, and bounced off the crossbar.
    • His shot bounced off the ground and went over the post.
    • For the last five minutes, they had been bouncing soccer balls from one knee to the other, not letting them touch the ground.
    • The ball can be bounced off the four walls which surround the floor of the court.
    • Andy was happily bouncing up and down on my legs.
    • Ten seconds after that I was happily bouncing up and down and tapping my hands on my desk, I was to full of energy to just sit here!
    • He pulled a rubber bouncy ball out of his bucket, and bounced it on the tar street.
    • She looked over at Andy who was bouncing happily in the driver's seat.
    • The ball bounced off the rim and into the basket as the horn sounded, giving Connecticut its eighth straight tournament title.
    • The ball bounced off his foot into the net.
    • She was jumping around, bouncing from foot to foot.
    • She shot, but the ball bounced off the rim and came straight back to her.
    • They both kick their shoes off and jump on the bed, bouncing around and screaming and yelling for joy.
    • The ball bounced off her head and Sam let it fall to the ground.
    • As the ball bounced off the wall and headed towards James, time seemed to slow down.
    • Helena lightly bounced atop the springy mattress, disrupting the smooth surface of the bedding.
    • Her basket no longer swung jauntily from its place at the crook of her elbow, nor did she bounce gaily on the springy moss beneath her feet.
    • She collapsed in a fit of giggles on his king-sized bed, bouncing slightly on the springs.
    • She walked over and sat on the bed, bouncing up and down happily.
    • When one of the team members missed a shot, the ball bounced off the rim and came straight at her.
    • The ball just bounced off a defender and there was nothing you can do about it.
    • He bounced on the bed happily.
    • As I bounce happily, I imagine that I am really riding my very own horse through the fields looking for the bad guys.
    • He'd just had his bath, and was bouncing around happily in nice fresh pyjamas.
    • He cursed as the ball bounced off the club and rolled into the church car park.
  • 2

    (move jauntily)
    she bounced into the room entró a la habitación saltando / brincando / dando brincos
    • She bounced happily into the room, carrying another five rolls of streamers in her arms.
    • Molly led me upstairs, bouncing happily ahead of me, wanting to play.
    • She bounced after him happily.
    • Samantha bounced happily over in her black string bikini.
    • He lives down the road from my lodgings and bounced in unexpectedly during breakfast last week.
    • Timmy agreed contentedly, bouncing his way up the stairs.
    • As I turned, I immediately saw her bouncing happily my way.
    • I like the company of other people and, as a performer, I am at my happiest when I'm bouncing around a stage that is very much shared.
    • He was bouncing confidently across the floor.
    • Dave smiled as he watched her bounce happily up to the counter.
    • Faith bounced over happily to answer it and hugged him tightly.
    • Elaine bounced happily over to a chair and nodded, still yelling Colin's name.
    • Then she started to walk to the exit with Trevor bouncing behind her.
    • Mr Black bounced in, skipping like a four-year-old being taken to a party.
    • He is bouncing around in a manner ill-befitting one who has recently consumed so much lager.
    • Cassidy chirped happily as she bounced into the room.
    • Lynden nodded and bounced happily into the kitchen for dinner.
    • Happily, I bounce over to the screen and plunk myself down.
    • ‘I'm going upstairs to talk to Mama,’ announced Alicia, bouncing up with a spring in her step.
    • He does seem happy as he bounces around me.
    • Jenna stood in the doorway, looking overly happy and practically bouncing across the room to the end of the bed.
  • 3coloquial

    ser devuelto
    ser rechazado
    rebotar coloquial
    • It bounced because the bank had processed it through the wrong account.
    • Last March, a cheque paid to me from my Royal Bank of Scotland business account for £10,000 bounced.
    • You may not know you've been victimized until your mortgage check bounces.
    • Not only could he not access his money, but Citibank also told him any outstanding checks could bounce, potentially tainting his credit.
    • Once you give a cheque to someone then they are within their rights to present it, if the funds are not available the cheque will bounce and you will be charged for that.
    • He owed money, was in and out of overdraft and cheques had bounced.
    • The cheque bounced and he was eventually forced to sell his business.
    • If you write a check that clears while there's still a hold on your paycheck, it will bounce, triggering hefty overdraft fees.
    • Outstanding checks could bounce before the hold is lifted or you could be prevented from withdrawing money from your account.
    • He bought six calves at market in Skipton and sold them in York before his cheque bounced.
    • But what if that same caller is transferring funds because five checks just bounced or his credit card was stolen?
    • Remind your client that he doesn't want to issue checks that bounce, because it could be a felony.
    • Although he received three checks, all of them bounced in mid-March.
    • The bank insists it's doing a service by covering checks and purchases that would otherwise bounce.
    • All the cheques bounced because the burglary victim had cancelled the chequebooks.
    • However, when the financial advisor wrote out cheques, they bounced.
    • Meanwhile, she lived in constant fear that her own checks might bounce.
    • So, if your monthly repayment is late or your cheque bounces because you don't have enough in your bank account, you'll be fined £25 or so.
    • Unfortunately, they receive a letter about a week later telling them the cheque has bounced.
    • Incredibly, her bosses only discovered the cupboard was bare when a cheque for $36,000 bounced.
  • 4bouncing present participle

    (baby) sano
    (baby) rozagante
    • She was still bouncing her child lightly in an attempt to soothe her.
    • Mrs. Blake sat on the bed and bounced the baby up and down.
    • Then he sat down, put Amanda on his knee, and bounced her up and down.
    • Two of his daughters were there, laughing and carrying small children, and he was bouncing a third child on his knees.
    • Carmen bounced her young daughter on her knee, playing a clapping game.
    • He bounces a grandchild on his knee.
    • ‘Then don't let Ryan teach her how to do anything,’ I looked at Ryan bouncing Sydney on his knee.
    • I visited my family, bounced my baby niece on my knee and went to the movies.
    • The girls were all stormy-faced, even Kei and Suna bounced their babies on their knees a less buoyantly than usual.
    • Donny pictured his young father coming home in his Navy dress uniform and bouncing him up and down on his knee and putting him to bed.
    • Claire was bouncing the baby up and down on her knee, and making shushing noises.
    • Sitting outside a group of tents closely placed together, she bounced a toddler on her knee.
    • You see this old man beaming as he bounces his grandson on his knees, and you think of him 60 years ago as the Wolf, meeting in some farmhouse with the rest of the cell, pistols on the table.
    • She sat in the kitchen bouncing Anna in her lap.
    • The baby begins to grow fussy again, so I start bouncing him up and down.
    • He bounced Sean on his lap several times, laughing and smiling as the baby laughed back.
    • Your children will grow in a house of suspicion and you will never bounce them upon your knee without wondering if they might one day slip a sword between your ribs!
    • ‘Your papa's coming home,’ she whispered to him for the hundredth time as she bounced him on her knee playfully.
    • They then posed for the cameras in the courtroom, bouncing their brood of young sons on their knees and kissing their wives at length.
    • Daniel fiddled with his cup and sighed, bouncing his daughter, Grace, on his knee.
    • The scene changed to a smiling, rosy-cheeked couple who were bouncing a dimply baby on their knees.
    • I look forward to bouncing my grandbabies on my knee.
    • Police say the dispute started after one man was seen bouncing another man's 12-year-old daughter on his lap.
    • Claire has just got Haley changed and is sitting downstairs with Jason on the sofa, Jason is bouncing Haley on his knee and she is laughing.
    • Dad sat down on the bed and bounced Lillie on his knee.
    • To see her bouncing a smiling baby on her knee they look like any other happy family.
    • Oh, the stories he must tell while bouncing them on his knee.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (ball/object) hacer rebotar
      (ball/object) darle botes a
      (ball/object) hacer picar América Latina
      (object/ball) (hacer) botar México España
      she bounced the child on her knee le hacía (el) caballito al niño

    • 1.2

      (check) devolver
      (check) rechazar
      • Today you're even more stressed because you're overdrawn and have to make a deposit by noon or your bank will bounce your mortgage payment.
      • Last month the bank bounced a cheque for a very large sum of money - the deposit on a house purchase.
      • Two weeks later he got a letter from his bank saying he was past his overdraft limit and a payment to his HSBC credit card had been bounced.
      • I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored to pay my plumber last month.
      • Even if a cheque cleared on a Wednesday, technically a bank could bounce that cheque up to mid-day on Thursday.

    • 1.3Informática

      (email) rebotar
      • Your message won't bounce - but nor will it arrive at the intended destination.
      • Just now I'm getting more than my fair share of bounced email.
      • After I received this fax, I tried e-mailing the Anonymous Faxer, but the e-mail bounced.
      • She gave me the email address of someone at Child Advocacy International, but the message bounced.
      • Last night we got word from a reader that an email had bounced.
      • Also my Freeserve e-mail account is bouncing e-mails faster than my bank bounces my cheques.
      • I've been receiving a steady stream of bounced messages, but thankfully no irate emails from those spammed.
      • All subsequent incoming messages would bounce because the allocated storage for my e-mail account was already filled up.
      • It bounced right back at me because the return address was incorrectly formed and I can't make out how to get it to its destination.
      • Some servers may send the message to the valid addresses, but the invalid address will alert you to the problem because the message will bounce.
      • If the email bounces or is undeliverable, it is placed into the mail queue for later processing.
      • Then their e-mail address started bouncing my messages.
      • So does this mean that this mean that email won't even bounce anymore?
      • I tried to write back, but the email bounced.
      • The non-yahoo e-mail bounced and I received no reply from the yahoo one for two weeks.

  • 2EEUU coloquial

    (get rid of)
    botar Río de la Plata América Latina coloquial
    • They immediately bounced him out of the club.
    • The bouncer very roughly bounced him out of the saloon.
    • We decided not to tolerate any more and eventually bounced her out.


  • 1

    • 1.1(action)

      rebote masculino
      bote masculino
      pique masculino América Latina
      he hit the ball on the bounce le dio a la pelota de rebote
      • I think it was the bounce of the ball that surprised Martin.
      • They went in front after a freak bounce of the ball put it in their opponents net.
      • With a lucky bounce, the ball bounces into his path and he shins it wide from about 20 yards.
      • She felt some of the strength fade away from her legs, the bounce she tried to inject into her knees feeling slow and sluggish.
      • She completely misjudged the bounce of a high ball with the court apparently at her mercy.
      • The older Explorer was always a bit sloppy, dealing its driver and passengers plenty of bounce and shake.
      • It was clear both were suffering from a few bad bounces and some rather uneven footholds.
      • He was expecting the ball to take a bounce before it reached him.
      • The orange ball rebounded off the backboard and gave a few half-hearted bounces on the cement floor before rolling away.
      • Cassie jumped off her stage to land with an intimidating bounce.
      • The ball took a bounce before he reacted to head it into the net.
      • Datran tried to sleep like Shrav but the jolts and bounces of the vehicle made it impossible.
      • His motions were not nearly as smooth, but the gentle bounce in his gait was soothing as he walked down the hallway to a small bedroom at the end.
      • The ball rebounded off Henry's back and the bounce deceived both defender and goalkeeper, finding the back of the net in the process.
      • I jumped on my bed, and landed with a satisfactory bounce, and just lay there - sprawled and tangled in my blankets.
      • Sometimes the ball gets 16 bounces before he reconciles himself to the idea of serving with it.
      • Caribbean pitches have been criticised recently for having a soft surface and spotty grass cover, creating an uneven bounce of the ball.
      • We have to accept the bad bounces and just hope you don't find deep rough or one of those thick bushes.
      • He was unlucky not to get a try, denied by a bad bounce.
      • Bounce Whilst in the push up position, with flexed abs and straight back, begin to do a light and small bounce of the whole body.
      • On line, with good speed and a favourable bounce, the ball eventually disappeared into the hole.
      • Apart from the fact that we got one or two bad bounces of the ball, there wasn't much between the sides.
      • The ball took a slight bounce, however, and ended in the corner of the net to the keeper's dismay.
      • The new suspension completely overcomes that old Honda tendency towards bounce on rough surfaces, so the car holds on well on bumpy corners.
      • The game of wheelchair tennis follows the same rules as able bodied tennis except that a wheelchair player is allowed two bounces of the ball.
      • Arthur was performed by the perennial Peter Pan of the company, Michael O'Hare, whose steps always have a bounce and energy about them.
      • Not wanting to be left behind I did as I was told, ignoring the dull ache caused with every bounce of my tiring body.
      • His nose was broken nine times trying to field ground balls that took unexpected bounces.
      • He had to leave the field with a broken nose from a bad bounce.
      • For every million photons of light hitting the mirror, only a few are lost with each bounce off this surface.
      • The next ball I went to field took a bad bounce and hit me up on the right shoulder.

    • 1.2(springiness, vitality)

      the ball has no bounce left la pelota ya no rebota bien
      • this shampoo puts the bounce back into your hair este champú les da nueva vida a sus cabellos
      • she's full of bounce es una persona llena de vida

  • 2EEUU coloquial

    to give sb the bounce poner a algn de patitas en la calle coloquial
  • 3

    (of an email)
    rebote masculino