Traducción de bouncy en Español:


que rebota bien, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbaʊnsi//ˈbaʊnsi/

adjetivobounciest, bouncier

  • 1

    (ball) que rebota bien
    (ball) que bota bien México España
    (mattress) firme y elástico
    (ride) movido
    (hair) con cuerpo
    • I was listening to my daughter read the other night and I had to hide a small clear plastic bouncy ball that she had been playing with.
    • It would be squishy and bouncy and I'd throw it around.
    • It hops about, up and down like a bouncy ball, the figures on the screen seemingly in constant motion.
    • One of them produces a bouncy ball from his pocket, and they begin a dumb game of throwing it at the wall of the janitor's shed at the other side of the lot, and trying to catch it when it bounces away.
    • It began when a band struck up the opening hymn and a huge screen unfurled with a little bouncy ball popping across the words so everyone could sing along.
    • Angharad gasped and gripped the horse's copper mane as Shadow sprang into a bouncy and jarring trot.
    • Then we did some things on a big bouncy ball that looked like it had wandered in from the set of the 1970s children's series Playaway.
    • Sliding off the chair she stooped a moment and retrieved the bouncy ball that had been thrown at her.
    • Could it be that inflation has ballooned the price of bouncy balls and penny chews?
    • He pulled a rubber bouncy ball out of his bucket, and bounced it on the tar street.
    • They can spend these on a variety of treats, from bouncy balls to CD vouchers.
    • My favourite balancing exercise is to throw a bouncy ball off a wall with your good hand, catch it with your weaker hand, then throw it with your weaker hand and catch it with your good hand.
    • The most surprising addition is the single ‘Let's Go,’ a bouncy take on ‘Don't Go’ by Vince Clarke, with an addictive hook and structure.
    • I mean, I'm not some bouncy ball that they can toy with!
    • We sat on the bed talking for a while and throwing a little bouncy ball back and forth when finally the phone rang.
    • In 1961, while trying to develop a transparent version of polyethylene plastic, he discovered an elastic substance that, when rolled into a ball, proved to be bouncy.
  • 2

    (lively, cheerful)
    (manner/person/personality) animado
    (manner/person/personality) lleno de vida
    (tune/rhythm) alegre
    • At this point the music changes to a jolly bouncy tune, sung absolutely smashingly by Oliver Reed.
    • The catchy tune and fun, bouncy lyrics made it a fun song that everybody loved, whether they admitted it or not.
    • As the floor slowly filled with more and more dancers, they segued into bouncy bass workouts which were heavy on the hi-hats.
    • I was never so thankful that she was so bouncy and playful.
    • They wrote bouncy, catchy tunes that were deceptively sophisticated.
    • She's as bouncy and lively as anyone this side of Reese Witherspoon.
    • She's bouncy and friendly and loves to socialize.
    • Good-natured and bouncy, they show off Reed's love of old-school rock 'n' roll and Sterling Morrison's effortless rhythm work.
    • It's been fun having her around, as she is a very nice bouncy person.
    • ‘He was bouncy, ebullient and filled with joie de vivre,’ said Daley.
    • Graceful moray eels, deadly great white sharks, playful porpoises, and tiny crabs show up along the way, all to the enchanting tune of Serra's bouncy music score.
    • I cannot say that I, at 65, am feeling particularly bouncy, but my sister, who is even older, is now studying French and the piano.
    • They have a Williams Sonoma, and I was picking up some useless items for gifts when I heard the bouncy tune on the speakers above.
    • He still excels at doleful ditties, bright, even bouncy tunes paired with lyrics that are both sincerely, deeply sad and good-humored about their sadness.
    • In 1923, a number of foreign and Chinese owned radio stations in the city began to broadcast jazz for their listeners and the bouncy music was being played in the foreign clubs and cafes.
    • ‘They write all too big, burly, bouncy tunes that throw their arms around you and squeeze you in inappropriate places,’ reckons Tim.
    • Though he tried to listen to the darker music that Duncan encouraged him at lunch, he also couldn't forget about the bouncy pop music that blared from the speakers at work everyday.
    • He had given a speech about the tax cut and education in Connecticut and he was bouncy.
    • From the posters on a wall and those held by excited, bouncy girls, it looked as if some boy-band was making an appearance.
    • All of a sudden, we noticed that the bouncy guy wasn't bouncing any more.
    • As banal as these bouncy tunes are, nowadays they make me wish I lived in a time when music like this meant just what it was supposed to mean, and didn't come loaded with an ironic subtext.
    • Their lively, bouncy music was the perfect showcase for their bright personalities, too.
    • I thought their catchy melodies, bouncy stage presence, and matching soccer team outfits were great.
    • Passed over for the movie role, she played ‘Mary Poppins’ and parlayed the part of that bouncy governess into tonight's triumph.
    • My feet would not stay on the ground I was so bouncy.
    • She is bouncy and friendly and immaculately groomed.
    • The static starts front and center, but it's ultimately pushed to the side, becoming peripheral to the music's bouncy accessibility.
    • So this really was one of those days when I was glad we were on the train, with two bouncy children, heading for the Scarborough Sea Life & Marine Sanctuary.
    • Far from being an aloof maestro that one associates with top performers, he was a delightfully bouncy man with a tremendous sense of humour.
    • They're bouncy and somewhat catchy post new wave experiments.
    • She turned it on and turned up the volume and bouncy music began to play and it could be heard all over the yard.
    • It's just so poppy and bouncy and cheesily good.
    • Dialogue, effects and David Newman's bouncy music score were all clear of any distortion or hiss.
    • The single was too serious and overt to be bouncy, catchy or sophisticated.
    • This morning we went for a long walk, and he was bouncy as ever.
    • It is rainy and miserable today, but I am bouncy with anticipation.
    • Then you'll be all fit and bouncy for another trip to Boston at lunch-time.
    • Then the bouncy girl noticed Sammy and her smile faltered.
    • It showed intelligent, literate and bouncy pop music is still alive and kicking if you look hard enough.
    • The sausage was in the bouncy Germanic tradition (I go for meatier, more crumbly ones, but that's a style preference) and topped with traditional caramelised white onions.