Traducción de bounty hunter en Español:

bounty hunter

cazador de recompensas, n.


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    cazador de recompensas masculino
    cazadora de recompensas femenino
    • Shortly after our arrival we came into contact with a bounty hunter, one seeking a reward for the return of Jenna.
    • The movie features fast cars, a psychotic with road rage, a bounty hunter, and an attractive blonde.
    • He appears to go about his business untroubled by policemen, or bounty hunters.
    • After college I worked for an old family friend as a junior bail bondsman, and then I spent some time as a bounty hunter.
    • Cairy had been a bounty hunter long enough to know that cops, even the rare few who tried to help, always got in the way.
    • He was sentenced to 124 years imprisonment and was later caught by a bounty hunter and returned to the US.
    • The film opens about five years after the events in Pitch Black, and Riddick is on the run from bounty hunters again.
    • The bounty hunter is a State proxy and can thus use police powers.
    • The bounty hunter is given his final assignment - to secure and bring back his boss's estranged son, Travis, from the heart of South America.
    • As a policeman, he's expected to inform the FBI, but instead he becomes a bounty hunter.