Traducción de box en Español:


caja, n.

Pronunciación /bɑks//bɒks/


  • 1

    • 1.1(container, contents)

      caja femenino
      (large) cajón masculino
      (for piece of jewelry, pen etc) estuche masculino
      ballot box urna femenino
      • collection box hucha
      • jewellery box alhajero
      • tool box caja de herramientas
      • if I leave this house, it'll be in a box solo saldré de esta casa con los pies por delante

    • 1.2British Deporte

      protector masculino
      concha femenino México

  • 2

    • 2.1(on form)

      casilla femenino
      to tick all the boxes cumplir (con) todos los requisitos

    • 2.2penalty box

      (in soccer) (with masculine article in the singular) área femenino
      (in soccer) (with masculine article in the singular) área de penalty femenino
      (in soccer) (with masculine article in the singular) área de castigo femenino
      (de castigo) (in ice hockey) banquillo masculino

    • 2.3(in baseball)

      (with masculine article in the singular) área femenino

    • 2.4British (at road junction)

      parrilla femenino

  • 3

    • 3.1(in theater)

      palco masculino

    • 3.2(booth)

      cabina femenino
      commentary box cabina de comentaristas femenino
      • sentry box garita

  • 4Christmas box

    aguinaldo masculino
  • 5Britanico coloquial

    the box la tele coloquial
    • what's on the box? ¿qué dan en la tele?
  • 6

    a box around the ears un sopapo
  • 7

    boj masculino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1


verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (put in boxes)
    poner en una caja
  • 2

    • 2.1(hit)

      to box sb around the ear(s) darle un sopapo a algn

    • 2.2Deporte

      boxear con
      boxear contra
      pelear con
      pelear contra
      • As a child, Arguello was a street fighter, and learned how to box from a family member in Managua.
      • He could punch or box, he had great stamina, fought the best the division had to offer and had one of the best chins in boxing history.
      • Another thing they shared was the ability to box effectively while still carrying knockout power in either fist.
      • When a shot is in the air, he looks immediately for an opponent to box away from the goal.
      • They were on the table, and I wanted those fights before I boxed for the British title.
      • No fighting style remains a mystery to Hopkins inside the ring and he can box with you or brawl - it does not matter.
      • You have been boxing as a pro since 1992; how much longer do you think you can stay at the top?
      • Again, recuperative powers allowed him to box cleanly and win the round.
      • But when I first started to box, it had nothing to do with money or anything.
      • Tall, rangy, smart, powerful southpaws who can box might be Roy's kryptonite.
      • He was boxing against an opponent who had never been beaten in 45 contests and one of the hottest young boxers in Ireland.
      • If you wanted to make a film on how to box, he would be the fighter you would want to film.
      • How would he have done if he boxed as a cruiserweight?
      • This man, who weighed 240 pounds and could box, had a good jab, a solid chin, and could punch.
      • Why does this boy never have a chance to box overseas and fight real boxers and make real money?
      • Ntontela who is known for his fierce fighting prowess chose to box instead of doing what he knows best.
      • He continued to box after losing to him, but he never fully recovered.
      • McCullough's career was put on hold for over a year when he was refused a license to box by the British Boxing Board of Control following a brain scan.
      • You risk all sorts of things, even without boxing competitively.
      • Mnguni admitted their fight plan was to box outside and keep Jacobs at the end of his punches while effectively using the perimeter of the ring.