Traducción de box junction en Español:

box junction

cruce con parrilla, n.



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    cruce con parrilla masculino
    • I wonder how many drivers really know why a box junction is in place?
    • Three cars had crashed in the middle of the box junction.
    • Drivers caught on camera stopping in yellow box junctions, driving down one-way streets or ignoring no-entry signs were hit with a £100 fine as part of the enforcement scheme.
    • One minute he's talking about his love of cars and confessing his need for speed, the next he's backing cameras in bus lanes and on yellow box junctions, and a national system of road-user charging.
    • Where once traffic calming meant staid speed humps or boring box junctions, today we have York's amazing levitating mechanical bollard.
    • He said new legislation set to be rolled out next year could also see wardens patrolling box junctions and bus lanes.
    • A diagonally-marked box junction needs to be installed with cameras, so that we don't get dozens of morons completely blocking the drivers at the lights as have occurred previously.
    • The borough is one of six London authorities to clamp down on motorists who block busy yellow box junctions.
    • Twice, whilst being the first car waiting at the box junction at the top of Bridge Street for a clear road, I have been overtaken by impatient drivers.
    • During this manoeuvre Mr McGarry over took the vehicle by entering the yellow box junction and was suddenly thrown from his motorcycle.
    • But the Government's Traffic Management Bill is set to give attendants and traffic wardens the powers to report a range of moving offences, including blocking yellow box junctions, ignoring ‘no right turn’ signs and driving in bus lanes.
    • One of the rules of the road is that you do not enter a yellow box junction unless your exit is clear or you're turning right.
    • Chelmsford will be the first place outside London to hit motorists with £100 fines for stopping in yellow box junctions.
    • While enforcement by traffic wardens is highly questionable, more rigid application of banned right turns, yellow box junctions and parking can only help speed traffic flows and reduce congestion.
    • The fact that we were stuck at the traffic lights on a box junction in the middle of Brighton in the rush hour with my car refusing to move, just confirmed that.
    • The box junction, which is marked as a square in the middle of a four-road intersection, is an area that must be kept clear.
    • Here a yellow box junction has been moved another thirty centimetres into the road and placed at a jaunty angle.
    • In particular regarding the Sunbury Cross roundabout, comply with the requirement not to enter a box junction if the exit road is not clear and to obey the traffic lights.
    • Specific loading bays are also designated in the parking bye-laws on the main trading streets and bus stops and box junctions are specifically designated in the plan as non-parking areas at any time.
    • This allows more cars, more safely to traverse box junctions, but sadly it's now been replaced by the sloppy, and potentially dangerous, practice of turning right in front of the other turning car.