Traducción de brace en Español:


abrazadera, n.

Pronunciación /breɪs//breɪs/


  • 1

    abrazadera femenino
    • They were shackled to the metal braces of the building brace.
    • Nail in the braces with 6 or 8-penny common nails; drive the nails halfway down so you can remove them easily later on.
    • Attach braces to table top with 4-inch screws from below.
    • For large repairs, build a wooden form and hold it in place with wooden braces, bricks, concrete blocks, or similar heavy objects.
    • Once you have it exact, nail some temporary cross braces from the ledger to the joists at an angle to keep the joists in place.
    • You may also consider installing poles across a portion of the ceiling for hanging plants, or employing wall braces.
    • A short, stout man, solidly built like a timber brace came out the big tent with a flourish.
    • Reposition the fabric-covered cornice and reattach the braces to the cornice.
    • Apply a bead of sealant on the backsplash, push the counter against the wall, and attach the top from below with screws installed through cabinet corner braces.
    • If diagonal braces are attached to the window to keep it square, leave these in place until the window is installed.
    • All members with the exception of the collar ties and wind braces are mortised and tenoned together with long tapered pins that secure the joints.
    • Place the cornice against the wall so it fits around the braces you installed when making the cornice.
    • Moonlight spilled from the tower's crosshatched iron braces and, pooling at the foot of the steps, seemed to invite me up.
    • Stiffening in the other vertical plane is added by diagonal braces between the lattice girders on both gable walls.
    • When building the legs and braces that support your workbench, don't use finished lumber!
    • The gable braces along the exterior and the trim around all the windows help define the house.
    • In addition buy a package of four corner braces.
    • Again, two crossbeams with camel's hump-shaped braces support the roof truss, and there is no king post.
    • Once the cap plate is in place you can remove the temporary braces.
    • Complete the main frame by adding the two handle braces, the plywood floor, the roost bar and the nest box.
  • 2

    aparato ortopédico masculino
    • As the paramedics lifted his body onto the stretcher and applied a neck brace Kim was held back by the police.
    • Mr Hill was shaking with shock and reaction and taken to hospital with a neck brace, though doctors later decided he had no broken bones.
    • Emergency crews had to fit a neck brace to the injured woman and push the Cavalier back on to its wheels before she could be rescued.
    • He called 911 and they came immediately, placing a brace around my neck and put my lifeless body on a board.
    • He is expected to wear a neck brace for six to 12 weeks and his physical therapy will begin after he recovers from the concussion and neck injury.
    • Nutritional supplements, braces, exercise, medication, and heel wedges are some of the new treatments available, according to the release.
    • There can be problems with the length of time your child is required to wear the brace and the embarrassment it may cause.
    • Many children with cerebral palsy have problems that are in the middle range of severity and may need ongoing therapy and devices such as braces or wheelchairs.
    • Pain medicines, back braces, and physical therapy may also be used.
    • Mild cases of CSM can be treated with neck braces or neck traction, but it's not clear if these treatments help in the long run.
    • The teenager was seen lying on the ground not moving and wearing a neck brace before ambulance crews took him away.
    • There's a role for braces and other supporting devices when rehabilitating an injury.
    • Wearing a neck brace because of chronic back pain, Anwar walked into his home with dozens of police and prison guards.
    • Traditional and conservative treatments include bed rest, ice followed by heat therapy, medication regimens, braces, and physical therapy.
    • I suddenly remembered my fall as they placed a neck brace on me, then my body on a backboard.
    • McAllan, who has just returned to the sport after being out for nearly a year following knee surgery, will spend the next six weeks in a body brace.
    • Knee braces are supports that you wear for a painful or injured knee.
    • I had a halo brace fitted to my body basically, which resembled a human building site for about six weeks.
    • Roberta had been using the laptop during the school day to help her with her work because of a medical condition which forces her to wear a body brace and restricts her ability to write at a desk.
    • Specialist equipment such as splints, callipers and braces can help with paralysis and contractures.
  • 3also braces plural

    aparato masculino
    aparatos masculino
    brackets masculino
    frenos masculino
    fierros masculino México Perú
    frenillos masculino América Latina
  • 4

    berbiquí masculino
    brace and bit berbiquí y barrena
    • The head on the bit braces should be mounted on the ball bearing so it will turn easier from the rest of the brace.
    • A Hudson brace and Gigli saw are used to perform a basic craniotomy, and the cost of these items is minimal compared to the cost of a power drill.
    • The tool also includes a means for rotating the cutting edge, usually using a brace or bit stock, a wrench, or a handle.
    • As with so many other pre-nineteenth century tools, we have much to learn about early braces, their designs, and their fabrication.
    • He presented a broad overview of bit history and discussed many types of boring tools for the brace, including several types of bits.
  • 5braces plural

    tirantes masculino
    cargaderas femenino Colombia
    tiradores masculino Río de la Plata
    suspensores masculino Chile
    • Then the scene changed to an office where a fat black police chief in shirt sleeves and braces was holding a polystyrene cup of coffee and cursing to himself.
    • He's smiling, comfortable, in his sixties - wearing a whiter-than-white shirt, black braces looped over his shoulders.
    • He's wearing a white shirt with a stiff collar, black trousers with braces, and dancing shoes with leather spats.
    • On the door was a man who looked like he was trying to emulate a 30s movie star - blue suit, very high pulled up trousers with red braces, round thick rimmed glasses, bald.
    • He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.
    • He joked: ‘When I bought my new suit I needed braces to keep the trousers up - now they keep themselves up because I have put on a stone and a half.’
    • It was the heady days of the late 1980s, the days of sharp suits, slicked back hair and red braces over striped shirts.
    • It goes beyond the cliche of the braces and striped shirts to expose a dangerous and compelling side to the world of international futures trading.
    • Visit the store and you will find a wide range of shirts, socks, belts and braces to go with the trousers.
    • Half a dozen elderly men with huge trousers and big braces watched avidly, but with little emotion.
    • I passed an old man wearing cloth cap and braces and riding a totally rusted bike.
    • He wore a bowler hat, white shirt, trousers and braces like the main character and would become aggressive and menacing when he played the film music.
    • He is a typical city boy, red braces, no socks and plenty of arrogance.
    • There were bowler hats, striped shirts, braces, dress-suits and stilettos jostling past us on all species of worker, all entirely intent on their destination.
    • The display cabinets house socks, handkerchiefs, underwear, braces, belts - I am sure there are drawers and drawers of treasures beneath hiding away.
    • At work he wears tailor-made suits, smart shirts and braces.
    • Farm labourers stand on top of the thrashing machine in shirt sleeves and braces, waiting for work to begin.
    • The tight fitting black and white clothing is quite the opposite of the clowns colourful baggy trousers with braces, and giant floppy shoes.
    • Today I went into town to purchase a pair of braces (the ones I got are in red) for a 4 year old.
    • R.L. comes lumbering out onto the porch, looking old and tired, wearing mud-smeared trousers held up with braces and a checked shirt fraying at the collar.
  • 6plural brace

    par masculino
    they took home two brace of pheasant cobraron dos pares de faisanes
    • The gap was still one hole at the turn, after a brace of deuces at the short ninth from Westwood and Haas.
    • There's only one good way to cook a brace of coneys.
    • A brace of ptarmigan flutter away for dear life.
    • Ketheral looked around the inside of the armory, picked up a chainwhip, a normal whip, a brace of throwing knives, and a couple of shields.
    • Having shown good pace all weekend, the speedy young Malaysian was understandably disappointed to come away from Thruxton with just a brace of 11 th place finishes.
    • Kieran O'Callaghan added a brace of points, but Monaleen were determined to have the last say, with Pat Carroll and Dave McAuliffe finding their range.
    • The morning after he is nominated for a brace of Oscars (script and direction) for Vera Drake, Mike Leigh is holed up in an unremarkable office in a London side street.
    • There was a brace of hot, salty little birds to pick up and chew.
    • Early January also saw the birth of a brace of goats and a couple of antelopes.
    • The 31-year-old scored a brace of goals two seasons ago as Blues completed the double over their bitter rivals.
    • While Breen, fresh from a brace of wins last weekend, made the seven-horse jump-off, two down with Old Town Katie ensured he did not augment his points tally.
    • She took Wolf's arm and inserted herself into a file of carts, getting in front of a brace of mules whose driver cursed her, but whose whip was too short to reach her neck.
    • I had a pretty dinner for them, viz. a brace of stewed carp, six roast chickens and a jowl of hot salmon.
    • Among the groups and couples were a brace of men eating in appreciative silence at tables for one - something I've always thought is a sign of a top kitchen.
    • A brace of £60,000 races highlight a cracking card at Haydock, where Time Ahead will surely take all the beating in the bet 365 Lancashire Oaks.
    • The saloon deck was a Noah's Ark of Labradorians: there were Celts two by two, pairs of Indians, a brace of hunters and thick, hot knots of Inuit and icemen.
    • The only other possible impediment to romping home with a brace of seats in the next general election would be if they were to be generally held responsible for the collapse of the peace process.
    • Fishing a groundbait feeder, and alternating worm and red maggot hookbaits, he took a brace of skimmers plus three roach for his winning 3lb 15 oz.
    • Writing throughout his sideman career, the guitarist found himself with a brace of songs that reflected not only his love of rock, but also his interest in other types of music.
    • Take one unpopular president, a brace of struggling statesmen and a couple of global summits.
  • 7

    llave femenino
    corchete redondo masculino
    • Whatever you choose, put the appropriate word between curly braces.
    • These breaksite hotspot clusters are indicated by braces in Fig 3.
    • Seldom used in ordinary writing, brace or curly brackets are common in mathematics and other formulaic usage, where they serve to enclose complex sets of symbols.
    • This is shown in Figure 7 with the brace indicating the route segment with shorter signpost spacings.
    • Chapter 1 covers what a LaTeX command does - the meaning of all those backslashes and curly braces.
    • The 10 proposed novel evolutionary groups are indicated by braces to the right of the groups.
    • Note that parentheses indicate faces, whereas braces indicate forms.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(support)

      • A tilt-up concrete shear wall braces a wood-frame structure, and a steel frame supports the cantilever.
      • Samyn's lightweight version is braced by a network of tensile cables.
      • The channels are braced back to the structure with aluminum clips where required to resist wind pressure.
      • Columns are attached to the walls by a system of horizontal tensile wires, so as to brace the entire structure against earthquake forces.
      • The grid acts as stiffening element, bracing the structure against seismic forces.
      • The post and lintel were just frames for a set of double door gates wrought of thick lumber and braced with iron.
      • Possibly because of its reduced width, the jaw apparatus is more strongly braced in the center.
      • The Duramount is a laminate mounted onto a smooth, thin board which is then braced with a sturdy, lightweight wood frame on the back.
      • Can the furniture be used in the fight (and if so, must it be braced or reinforced?)
      • The piles were tarred ironbark and the beams were kauri with iron brackets to brace them.
      • The frame is braced with a steel support to preserve its integrity, and then the destructive fun begins.
      • To support the areas with higher slab thicknesses, additional MEP gates were used to brace the post shores so they could be charged with higher loads.
      • Weak corner joints may be braced with angle irons, and triangles of wood.
      • Full-height, double-glazed sheets brace the structure and barely divide interior from exterior.
      • Angled legs prevent the arch from flattening and the structure is further braced by four cross frames which also accommodate cross walls.
      • It is much stronger than the rest of the hull, often reinforced with extra ribs bracing the inside.
      • Light seismic frames brace the existing concrete structure with minimal disruption of the original space or the soil below.

    • 1.2(place firmly)

      (foot/hand) afirmar
      (foot/hand) apoyar
      • The world spun as he staggered to his feet, braced himself on a post, and tried his utmost to shake off his daze.
      • Additionally, the stirrups can be useful before the impact, to brace the rider more firmly against the cantle.
      • Rose of Sharon braced her body against the movements of the car in an effort to protect her fetus.
      • An afternoon spent in the Landmannalaugar region of Iceland involved bracing myself against a strong wind.
      • With your right arm, grasp the dumbbell with an overhand grip and place your left hand firmly on your left thigh to brace your upper body.
      • He braced his shaking body against the wall and forced his legs to defy gravity and support him one last time.
      • He went to the table and braced himself, palms flat against the rough wood.
      • Her legs were in a ridiculous bunch at the edge of her bed, while her arms groped blindly for a sturdy surface to brace her body.
      • He braced his body to stand as he got up, and his asleep leg almost buckled underneath him, but his hand found the wall just in time.
      • By twisting her body and bracing her legs to counteract the momentum, she barely managed to prevent herself from falling face-first onto the hard, grimy pavement.
      • For preacher curls, my body is braced in position, so I don't use body motion.
      • He spread his legs and braced his feet in the sand to stay upright.
      • The top of the pillar was about chest length and I braced a trembling hand flat on the surface before putting the other one next to it.
      • He stumbled and only saved himself from falling down a second time by bracing himself on the alley wall.
      • I suggest he brace his leg against the wall so he doesn't fall over on the turn.
      • Your form will be challenged because only one side of your body is performing the movements, while the other side is in a very different position, bracing your body.
      • Above him was the strong willow's branch, he braced his feet against the trunk behind him, and pushed.
      • He braced his legs and stood up as the rush began.
      • She stood with her hands braced firmly on her hips.
      • Sit in the machine with your back braced against the support and your feet placed under the cushions.

  • 2

    he had his teeth braced le pusieron frenillos (en los dientes) Chile

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    to brace oneself for sth prepararse para algo
    • brace yourself, John won the prize agárrate, John se ganó el premio

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    to brace for sth prepararse para algo