Traducción de brag en Español:


alardear, v.

Pronunciación /braɡ//bræɡ/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    fanfarronear coloquial
    fantochear América Latina coloquial
    to brag about / of sth/ -ing alardear / jactarse de algo/+ inf
    • that's nothing to brag about eso no es como para enorgullecerse
    • This was something rare for humans in this century, something that the woman had often bragged about to her friends.
    • I welched on Grandfather and I'd always bragged I never welched on anybody.
    • The screenplay was written in nine whole days, bragged the credits.
    • Her husband, who bragged endearingly about her desserts, is a beekeeper.
    • We bragged that, unlike the chemists, any physicist could teach any undergraduate physics course.
    • For some of his prints he bragged to have used as many as 300 hundred blocks.
    • He later bragged that he was the only performer ever to get a complex comic scene right without needing a second take.
    • He bragged about his great running skill and said he could catch anything.
    • We bragged that we hunted tigers - often finding their giant paw prints on the jungle paths.
    • In all fairness, he also cheered, bragged, exclaimed and encouraged us as we finally got things right.
    • Never before, brags Hamill, ‘have so many poets spoken in a single chorus.’
    • They bragged that they would introduce ‘innovation, creativity and private sector expertise’.
    • As a great hunter he bragged about his nighttime sharp shooting.
    • The younger bragged he was on eight tablets a day for angina, but the other in his late seventies swallowed 40 for various aches and pains!
    • People bragged about their impeccable references and newly renovated websites that would maximize their client base.
    • This is something they themselves have admitted, or rather bragged about on countless occasions.
    • After 29 games, the Mavericks bragged they had committed the league's fewest fouls.
    • He bragged that the course which he claimed to be one of the best in the country, was in good shape and no excuse would be given by any golfer for failing to perform well.
    • Furthermore, he has pledged, or perhaps bragged, that he will not kill protesters.
    • She taught me how to make the best pie crust ever and often bragged to other people about the beautiful apple pies I could make.

verbo transitivo

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    fanfarronear coloquial
    to brag that hacer alarde / jactarse de que