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Pronunciación /ˈbreɪnˌstɔrm//ˈbreɪnstɔːm/



  • 1Britanico

    I/he had a brainstorm se me/le cruzaron los cables coloquial
    • I keep hanging on to the fact that if he has had a bit of a brainstorm, we might get him back safe and well.
    • Stead off, ‘Andrew’ Cole on, Radostin Kishishev has an inexplicable brainstorm in front of goal, weakly knocks it to Kiely, and Cole gets in and scores.
    • My Mother, either under pressure from these 2 rascals or more likely in the middle of some sort of brainstorm, decided to give them a goat instead of giving me my present.
    • In it he wrote about his brainstorms and his ‘horrible feeling of stress’ which made his body twitch.
    • Are we expected to believe that Amazon had some kind of corporate brainstorm and just made up prices for XP?
    • Whatever happened, I had a brainstorm, because I thought I had always understood the way it worked.
    • In the next game, Rigel appears to have a brainstorm at - 30, unnecessarily playing a cross-court drive-volley and putting it well wide.
    • Unless, of course, Scotland takes a collective brainstorm and opts for the Green Trot Nat coalition which united last week around the separatist standard.
    • Replacement's brainstorm at line-out put Wallabies back in ascendancy and concession of late penalty sealed fate of Lions.
    • Then came Bellamy's brainstorm in retaliation to a foul by Nikolai Ryndyuk on the half way line.
    • Liverpool had equalised in the 54th minute when McEveley suffered a brainstorm and hit a free kick straight to Garcia, who immediately lobbed the ball through for Baros to score.
    • The Appeals Court should be deciding any time now whether or not to send the case back to the District Court with a new judge, and unless the judges have had some kind of collective brainstorm since the court last spoke, they'll send it back.
    • Annabel Goldie had a brainstorm - or maybe she's on something - and started flirting with Jack at Question Time.
    • I think National must have had a brainstorm, because it just beggars belief.
    • Well, I had a bit of a brainstorm which, er, resulted in me purchasing a LCD Projector!
    • And Jean Van de Velde's brainstorm at Carnoustie four years ago looms large in most memories.
    • She was wondering about taking them back to the newsagent and telling him that the delivery girl had suffered a brainstorm when Astor turned to an inside page to show off the fruits of Tom Maddox's research.
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    devanarse los sesos