Traducción de break en español:


romper, v.

Pronunciación: /breɪk//breɪk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (rope/window/plate) romper
    (stick/twig) partir
    (stick/twig) romper
    (stick/twig) quebrar América Latina
    I've broken my pencil se me ha roto la punta del lápiz
    • they broke a hole in the fence abrieron una brecha en la valla
    • she broke the chocolate into four pieces partió el chocolate en cuatro trozos
    • he broke his wrist playing rugby se rompió la muñeca jugando al rugby
    • I broke a tooth/my nail se me rompió / partió un diente/la uña
    • to break the back of sth hacer la peor parte de algo
    • I think we've broken the back of the job creo que ya tenemos hecho lo peor / la peor parte del trabajo
  • 2

    (render useless)
    (machine/radio) romper
    (machine/radio) descomponer América Latina
  • 3

    (rule/regulation) infringir
    (regulation/rule) violar
    (promise) no cumplir
    (promise) faltar a
    (appointment) faltar a
    (appointment) no acudir a
    (contract) incumplir
    (contract) romper
    to break a strike boicotear una huelga
  • 4

    (put an end to)
    (impasse/deadlock) salir de
    (habit) dejar
    (drug ring) desarticular
    the Romans could not break their power los romanos no pudieron quebrantar su poder / no pudieron abatirlos
  • 5

    • 5.1(ruin)

      (company/person) arruinar a
      • Such privations by no means broke the spirit of the people.
      • She had seen many things there that broke her spirit and took away her faith in humanity, but knew that there was still good left in the world.
      • You broke my heart much like you broke the spirits of your people.
      • Never ridicule a woman - it breaks her spirit and cuts her efficiency.
      • While they were successful in obtaining Rich's resignation, they could not break his spirit.
      • They remember being kept desperately hungry all the time, as part of a ploy to break their spirits.
      • There is little that life can throw at him which can break his spirit.
      • I write this letter as a mother, a mother whose spirit is broken, a mother who has to keep her child in the house in fear of losing her.
      • When I look at her I just think that at some point her spirit was broken and then, well, this is what became of her.
      • The rest of us suffer while they try to break our spirits and brainwash us.
      • But it stands to reason that if your spirit is broken by misery and the side effects of treatment, then you will not do well.
      • You've stolen his dignity, shattered his emotions and broken his spirit, how much more do you want?
      • If they thought that would break my spirit, they got it wrong.
      • And since I was working with the disabled before the accident, I knew what kind of a life was in store for me ahead, which broke my spirit.
      • After months with no sales, his spirit was broken and he gave up.
      • Anne's spirit could not be broken.
      • They're breaking them, their spirit, their minds, their psyche.
      • She was going to prove he hadn't broken her spirit.
      • However you see the work, its implication is that the spirit cannot be broken.
      • These were trials that would have broken the spirit of most people.

    • 5.2(crush)

      (person) destrozar
      (person) deshacer
      , → heart
      , and → will

    • 5.3(demote)

      rebajar de grado

  • 6

    to break sth ( to sb)
    • it was Sue who had to break the news to him le tocó a Sue darle la noticia
    • they broke it to her gently se lo dijeron con mucho tacto
  • 7

    to break the sound barrier romper / atravesar la barrera del sonido
  • 8

    • 8.1(interrupt)

      (circuit/beam) cortar
      (fast/silence) romper
      • A father of two has broken his silence after keeping his sighting of a ghost 15 years ago at Woodville Halls Theatre a fearful secret.
      • A switch works by breaking the circuit, which stops the current.
      • The key to breaking the cycle is to boost demand and take up the slack in the economy.
      • And now that they have broken their silence, it is hoped that others will find the courage to do the same.
      • By bouncing, the reed breaks an electrical circuit.
      • The team broke its five-game losing streak.
      • She has broken her silence to speak of her determination to return to the post she has held for the past 10 years.
      • Then an unknown pilot broke the silence and asked, ‘Wasn't I married to you once?’
      • He recently broke his silence, admitting that he went to England after losing his job in Paris and had tried to commit suicide.
      • The coroner has urged those who know the names of the killers to break their silence.
      • Then came metal hulls and steam power, and the historical line of continuity was broken.
      • We have to break this vicious cycle between drug dependency and crime.
      • England's win against West Indies last year broke a sequence of nine decisive matches which were all won by the team fielding first.
      • A circuit breaker has a mechanism for automatically breaking an electrical circuit.
      • He will enlist the help of three minders to clear his path and stop the crowd breaking his concentration.
      • If either voltage or current is too big you could break the circuit.
      • We found it worth venturing into Woolacombe to break the routine.
      • She decided to break her silence because she thought it was the only way the council would listen to her concerns even though it meant sacrificing her job.
      • A staff member caught up in the raid broke his silence on the experience yesterday.
      • Imprisonment does not break the cycle of offending and addiction.
      • The former girlfriend of a man accused of murder admitted yesterday that she broke her silence about the killing after police threatened to implicate her.
      • Generally, if a week is not one of employment, continuity is broken, so that the employee has to start again to pick up continuity.
      • After a long pause he broke the tranquility again
      • The schools offer a possible way of breaking the cycle of illiteracy.
      • She felt it was her job to break the silence between the two.
      • Now he breaks his silence about the flawed evidence.
      • Liam did not break his silence over the abuse until two years ago.
      • Ballet had created continuity in my life, but now that the left side of my body did not serve me, the continuity was broken.
      • The actress has broken her silence about the whirlwind romance.
      • Police were alerted to the abuse around 20 years after it was carried out when the victim broke his silence.
      • Your slumbers are broken bright and early with a cup of tea brought to your tent.
      • More recently the firm broke its silence and revealed he had been hit by a viral infection and would not be back at work until May 10.
      • The solitude was broken, bizarrely, by bumping into Michael Palin and his film crew working on their next project in the Hoggar Mountains.
      • It means forgiving those who have hurt you and breaking the cycle of abuse.
      • Max yelled, raised one eyebrow, paused for effect, breaking the rhythm.
      • At last, he broke the silence: ‘What are you writing about these days, anyway?’
      • Everyone has a part to play in breaking this vicious cycle.
      • Theo, his concentration finally broken, stopped typing and looked up.
      • But it was not until last summer that she broke her silence and called her former lover, when she feared biographers would unearth the details.
      • They must start to break their sequence of drawn games and start winning consistently if they are to retain their title.
      • Yesterday, she broke her silence on the whispering campaign against her.
      • ‘Melissa,’ said Matthew breaking the silence and speaking for the first time since the fight had started.
      • We can then break the poverty cycle by giving these disadvantaged children opportunities to get work and employment.
      • My mother broke the silence with a question, ‘Do you live nearby?’

    • 8.2(split up, divide)

      (collection/set) deshacer
      (word) separar
      (word) dividir

    • 8.3(disrupt, upset)

      (continuity/monotony/pattern) romper

  • 9

    (breach, pierce)
    (soil) roturar
    I haven't broken the skin no me he abierto la piel
    • the submarine broke the surface of the water el submarino afloró a la superficie
  • 10

    • 10.1(get into)

      (safe) forzar
      we broke the toolbox open abrimos la caja de herramientas forzándola
      • If a burglar breaks the safe and steals the guns, I won't be held responsible for their criminal use because I did what I reasonably could to secure them.
      • The maid broke the safe and stole money and jewellery.
      • They broke the safe in the Accounts Section and made away with the day's receipts.

    • 10.2EEUU (escape from)

      (jail) escaparse de
      (jail) fugarse de

    • 10.3(decipher)

      (code) descifrar
      • But if you could factor large numbers then you could break these codes.
      • I started trying to break the code and was getting nowhere.
      • It would be a bit unfair to offer clues right now, if someone is close to breaking the code.
      • In an interactive lecture, he then examined the tricks used to break such codes.
      • He starts to punch in numbers at random in an attempt to break the code and patch into the system.
      • Well done to all who managed to break the code yesterday!
      • When all the analyses were ready, the code was broken.
      • This was discovered by an astute cryptanalyst at Central Bureau and in April 1943 that code was broken.
      • There is little doubt that trying to break simple codes enhances one's understanding of cryptography.
      • I feel that I am very close to breaking the code.
      • It's a computer program that's used to break ciphers.
      • We have a large exhibit on World War II cipher machines and the machines that broke the enemy's codes.
      • Another way to become rich and famous is to devise, or break a code.
      • It was created in 1943 to break German codes.
      • Then you have to spend time breaking the code and making your own key, which only lets you hotwire the vehicle.
      • Here is where Alan Turing broke the codes that maybe won the second world war.
      • At that point they'd broken the code, and they told people whether or not they'd received cells.
      • They were desperately looking for any clue that would help them break the code.
      • While attempting to break the Nazi codes, his character becomes obsessed with finding the woman he loves.
      • There then follows a long and tedious account of how they broke the enigma code.

  • 11

    can anyone break this $50 bill? ¿alguien me puede cambiar este billete de 50?
  • 12

    (revolver/shotgun) abrir
  • 13

    (horse) domar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (window/plate) romperse
    (shoelace/rope) romperse
    (twig/stick) partirse
    (twig/stick) romperse
    (twig/stick) quebrarse América Latina
    my watch broke se me rompió el reloj
    • her tooth/nail broke se le rompió / partió el diente/la uña
    • it broke into several pieces se hizo pedazos
    • it breaks into squares se parte en cuadrados
  • 2

    the clouds are breaking se está despejando
    • a splinter group which broke from the party un grupo disidente que se escindió del partido
  • 3

    (fighters/boxers) separarse
  • 4

    (give in)
    (resistance) desmoronarse
    (resistance) venirse abajo
    she broke under constant interrogation no resistió el constante interrogatorio
    • the soldiers broke and ran los soldados rompieron filas y echaron a correr
  • 5

    (storm/crisis) estallar
    (day) romper
    (day) apuntar
    (day) despuntar
  • 6

    (with emotion, change)
    (weather) cambiar
    his voice is breaking le está cambiando / mudando la voz
    • (with emotion) his voice broke se le entrecortó la voz
  • 7

    (become known)
    (story) hacerse público
    (scandal) estallar
    (scandal) hacerse público
  • 8

    (wave/surf) romper
    the waves were breaking against the sea wall las olas rompían contra el dique
  • 9

    hacer una pausa
    to break for lunch/dinner parar para almorzar/cenar
  • 10

    (revolver/shotgun) abrirse
  • 11

    (move, shift)
    the action then breaks to Budapest entonces la acción se traslada a Budapest
  • 12EEUUcoloquial

    things are breaking well for me at the moment me están saliendo bien las cosas en este momento
  • 13

    (in snooker, pool)
    abrir el juego


  • 1

  • 2

    Televisión Radio pausa (comercial) femenino
    Teatro intervalo masculino
    Teatro entreacto masculino
    Teatro intermedio masculino
  • 3

    (rest period)
    descanso masculino
    (at school) recreo masculino Britanico
    let's take a break paremos para descansar
    • we have a coffee break at 11 a las 11 paramos para tomar un café
    • we worked without a break trabajamos sin parar / descansar
  • 4

    (holiday, vacation)
    (feminine plural) vacaciones
    Christmas/summer break vacaciones de Navidad/verano
  • 5

    (change, respite)
    cambio masculino
    a welcome break un cambio refrescante
    • break from sth
    • I need a break from all this necesito descansar de todo esto
    • give me a break! ¡déjame en paz!
  • 6

    (in transmission)
    interrupción femenino
    corte femenino
  • 7

    interrupción femenino
  • 8

    (in circuit)
    ruptura femenino
    corte femenino
  • 9

    fractura femenino
    rotura masculino
  • 10coloquial

    (chance, opportunity)
    oportunidad femenino
    he never got a decent break nunca se le presentó una buena oportunidad
    • she's still looking for a break todavía está esperando que le cambie la suerte
  • 11

    (separation, rift)
    ruptura femenino
    a break between the superpowers una ruptura (de relaciones) entre las superpotencias
    • to make a clean break cortar por lo sano
    • he made a break with his past life rompió / cortó con su pasado
    • a break with tradition una ruptura con la tradición
  • 12

    (sudden move)
    he made a break for cover/the door corrió a refugiarse/hacia la puerta
  • 13

    contraataque masculino
  • 14

    fuga femenino
    evasión femenino formal
  • 15

    (in snooker, pool)
    tacada femenino
    serie femenino
  • 16literario

    at (the) break of day al despuntar el día literario
  • 17

    solo masculino
  • 18

    (in tennis)
    ruptura femenino
    quiebre masculino
  • 19EEUUcoloquial

    descuento masculino