Traducción de breaker en Español:


gran ola, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbreɪkə//ˈbreɪkər/


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    gran ola femenino
    • But New Plymouth's unsheltered coast produced some large breakers, often making the trip from ship to shore or vice versa a treacherous one.
    • The men heaved on the oars and the ship rolled and heaved through the white breakers.
    • The upper registers of the painting are slightly bluer, but lots of white mottles this very loose rendition of breakers and turbulent sky.
    • It is only the white breakers that make me realise that it is the sea that now fills the cockpit windows.
    • At the head of the bay it broke in a fearful line of white breakers, which rushed up to a height of 23 vertical feet above the highest spring-tides.
    • The copper protecting her wooden frame was stripped off by breakers, but the ship herself burned before anything of use could be taken off her.
    • On an afternoon in late spring the breakers that roll ashore on Cape Hatteras are a milky jade, a color that reminds me how far south we are, and how close to the Gulf Stream.
    • But now that the sun was fully out, he could see beyond the breakers, way beyond the waves to the flat water at the back.
    • Finally, as they were closing in yet again, we veered toward shore and crossed a line of breakers onto the reef.
    • We went off quickly to the beach to look at the Baltic - walked through the forest from the car park, and then on to the very fine sand on an almost totally deserted beach, with heavy breakers rolling onto the shore.
    • And you could see a wave of big breakers roll in off the coast.
    • More than one contestant was pounded by a sneaker set out on the reef, or was caught unawares by an evil double up shore breaker as they struggled to extract themselves and their massive boards from the sea.
    • In a split second all eyes turned eastward and there, at the end of Telescope Point, was the white sail barely visible as it competed with the white foam of the breakers.
    • But as I drew the curtains next morning, I could see white breakers crashing onto the beach.
    • The waves may be crashing hard around your ears and the harsh, white breakers stinging your eyes, but hope springs eternal.
    • I felt swept under, the way a wave would take you unawares at the shore, and roll you down into the breakers, sucking you in and pulling you across the sand underneath.
    • The boys and I bodysurf and rent surfboards, plunging into happy white breakers.
    • We're just 50 feet outside the breakers and headed on a quarter angle towards the shore.
    • You've seen them riding the bow wave of your boat, patrolling the beach just beyond the breakers or bursting from the briny to leap clear of the water, apparently just for the fun of it.
    • This tsunami, with breakers estimated at 10 metres, was small compared to the wave caused by the exploding volcano Krakatoa on August 23, 1883.
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