Traducción de breaking and entering en Español:

breaking and entering

escalamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˌbreɪkɪŋ ən(d) ˈɛn(t)ərɪŋ///


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    escalamiento masculino
    allanamiento de morada masculino
    • And yet, if the invited guest chooses to remain, the offense he commits is trespass, not breaking and entering or burglary.
    • He had been sentenced to 22 years for burglary, breaking and entering, vandalism, and phone harassment.
    • Nobody was inside, and Mary had a wild thought that they would be arrested for breaking and entering when they were caught.
    • The prosecution case is that the three acted in concert to break into the cafe, Mike and Tony breaking and entering and John driving the getaway car.
    • All four were charged with breaking and entering and theft, and are facing lengthy jail terms.
    • A lively list of accusations, including but not limited to possession of firearms with intent, breaking and entering, arson and murder, were against her name.
    • You now have a police record for breaking and entering.
    • Covert theft was a recognized crime, as were breaking and entering, lying in wait, or coming with ‘force and arms’.
    • At twenty-one, he was arrested for breaking and entering - an offence for which he was convicted and sent to prison for three years.
    • He was arrested for trespass, breaking and entering, and possession of burglary tools (the keys he'd been given to get into the building).
    • No jury would convict four people of breaking and entering if they broke into a burning house to try to save a child.
    • The factory boss claims the sinister development is only the latest in a series of incidents on the estate including breaking and entering, robbery, attacks on property, vandalism and intimidation.
    • I am going to have you arrested for breaking and entering.
    • These convictions were mainly for various assaults, but also included drug offences and one conviction for breaking and entering.
    • The police claim that the front door of the apartment was ajar when they arrived, so it's possible that the fourth man let himself in, though he wasn't charged with breaking and entering.
    • He was charged with the serious crimes of breaking and entering and burglary.
    • The juveniles - one with a long police record - were arrested and convicted of breaking and entering and destruction of personal property.
    • He spent much of his time on the streets, and by the age of nine he had been arrested on charges of truancy, theft, and breaking and entering.
    • Though currently only dealing with a week's suspension, they may be charged with aggravated vandalism, breaking and entering and causing a disruption to public services.
    • Property crime included theft, burglary, breaking and entering, vandalism, fire setting, and related offences.