Traducción de breathe en Español:


respirar, v.

Pronunciación /brið//briːð/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (animal/person/plant) respirar
    to breathe deeply respirar hondo
    • give me a chance to breathe déjame respirar
    • Around him, the Dogs breathed like so many bellows, and the crisp snow crackled beneath his feet.
    • After all this time she was alive, living, breathing, and walking on the earth.
    • The garden was a living, breathing, creature that now seemed intent upon swallowing her up.
    • When you breathe in through your windpipe, the air moves through your bronchial tubes into your air sacs.
    • We did travel to California, just two weeks before she stopped breathing on our living room couch.
    • It moves downward when we breathe in, enlarging the chest cavity and pulling air in through the nose or mouth.
    • Up till this morning, you were alive, living and breathing and doing alive things.
    • Their function is to condition the air we breathe in and to conduct it to the alveoli.
    • I had to breathe in deeply, to try and gather my thoughts.
    • All he wanted was to sit alone and perform the menial, unthinking actions necessary to remain breathing.
    • Our bodies are rhythmic - our blood flows, heart beats and lungs breathe in patterns.
    • When we breathe in, the lungs take in oxygen, which our cells need to live and carry out their normal functions.
    • This helps the fish breathe and keeps the water from smelling rotten.
    • She holds the client steady and asks him to breathe in deeply.
    • It's like treating a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being as some sort of dynamic, organic art project.
    • There was no stronger smell than that of a man decaying while he is yet alive and breathing.
    • Close your eyes and breathe in very deeply, concentrate on the days pleasant happenings.
    • Having the child breathe in the moist air through his mouth will sometimes break a croup attack.
    • Through the air process or through inhalation, you actually don't breathe in all that much mercury.
    • He was alive and breathing, but he was bleeding profusely from his side.
    • He was a living, breathing, example of every comic's worst nightmare.
    • If you breathe in those spores, you can get the infection.
    • He did not answer, he closed his eyes and breathed out deeply, ignoring my question.
    • She breathed out deeply trying to set it up in her mind.
    • At each visit, the prison employee should verify that the inmate is alive and breathing.
    • Put your lips over the mouthpiece and breathe in deeply and quickly.
    • All the rain we've had means that the worms can't breathe.
    • The plant breathes in that carbon monoxide and says, ‘Oh, thank goodness.’
    • Other people breathe in the bacteria and may become infected.
    • However, at certain heights the air thinned drastically, and it took a trained lung to breathe in those areas.
    • I breathed out deeply and tried to relax my tense muscles.
    • His eyes slid closed, and he breathed out deeply, placing his hands over hers.
    • Avoid blocking the nose with food or formula so your kitten can breathe easily and not panic.
    • The ocean's like a living, breathing, super-organism, using solar energy to drive the atmosphere with heat.
    • It's passionate, and breathing, and alive, and it gets into your blood and makes your bones twist themselves up.
    • But when their enemies lived nearby, ‘you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them.’
    • If you are breathing and awake and alive, you have some little dream to keep you going.
    • He was alive and breathing, but he was muttering as though out of his mind, and a bandage covered his eyes.
    • They were still alive, still living and breathing and smiling.
    • I paused to breathe in deeply before continuing the attack.
    • It is, in short, an idea that is utterly indissoluble from our own living, breathing, everyday reality.
    • Everyone cried and laughed for joy when they saw their elders alive and breathing.
    • The soft tissues in the upper airway vibrate when you breathe in and out.
    • Having a living, breathing, THINKING opponent really makes a world come to life.
    • A figure of myself, alive and breathing, stands before me with gleaming eyes.
    • The palomino horse was breathing heavily with all the running, and he deserved rest.
  • 2

    (leather/fabric) dejar pasar el aire
    • Thatch breathes, can use local materials, is highly insulating, and is extremely beautiful.
    • Treasures here are stored in tissue paper rather than plastic because paper breathes.
    • Plastic is no good for the soil because soil needs to breathe.
    • Cotton breathes better than most fabrics and offers great absorbency.
    • A smoke machine breathes white mist over the empty dancefloor.
  • 3

    (cheese/wine) respirar
    • Decanting the wine also introduces air into the wine — letting the wine breathe.
    • This wine is easy to drink and got better as it breathed.
    • Do you want to let the wine breathe before dinner?
    • Pour out this wine and let it breathe while you're cooking up some lamb chops.
    • Such wines should be left to breathe for a short time before serving simply to allow any bottle sickness to dissipate.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (air/fumes) aspirar
    (fumes/air) respirar
  • 2

    (onions/alcohol) oler a
    (cynicism/disillusion) destilar literario
    she breathed garlic all over me me echó todo su aliento a ajo
    • The whole picture breathes timidity and refinement.
    • The formidable royal castle towering above the Danube still breathes the air of this era.
    • The room seemed to breathe the air of a different era.
    • Every sentence breathes the character of its author.
    • His poem breathes the air of Middle Europe in the 1820s.
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    (instill, inspire)
  • 4

    (prayer) musitar
    (sigh) dejar escapar