Traducción de breathless en Español:


entrecortado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈbrɛθləs//ˈbrɛθləs/


  • 1

    (voice) entrecortado
    the blow left me breathless el golpe me dejó sin aliento / me cortó la respiración
    • we waited in breathless expectation esperamos con ansia
    • he arrived breathless llegó jadeando / sin aliento / sin resuello
    • she managed to utter a few breathless words logró decir algunas palabras entrecortadas
    • The test ends when the patient is exhausted or too breathless to continue.
    • She looked breathless and exhausted but she was still alert.
    • She looked up at him, breathless and gasping in surprise.
    • He'd turn his head toward me, his chest still moving up and down quickly from the rapid, breathless exertion.
    • ‘They couldn't be coming after us so quickly,’ he reckoned, breathless and gasping.
    • The day passed by and our party arrived at the new lodge, tired and breathless.
    • All it accomplished was to leave him breathless and gasping.
    • In a moment's time, he was back, breathless and heaving for air.
    • He had chased her all around until she was breathless, panting and gasping.
    • Drenched in sweat, they are prostrated by fatigue, breathless in the suffocating heat.
    • There is no need to suffer by doing exercises which leave us breathless and sweating.
    • The swordsman was breathless and tired, yet he had fared better than all his friends, though he did not know it.
    • Air whooshed from his chest and Nyte was left breathless, gasping and coughing for air.
    • Within a month of her diagnosis, she was too tired and breathless to walk across her living room.
    • I began hearing breathless gasps and I realized that they were mine.
    • She ran swiftly up the flights of spiraled staircase, panting and breathless.
    • We had started out the last song breathless, and ended completely exhausted.
    • The monologue had gone on so long that he was breathless.
    • She found herself lying on the ground, tired and breathless.