Traducción de brew en Español:


brebaje, n.

Pronunciación /bruː//bru/


  • 1

    brebaje masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (beer) fabricar
    (beer) hacer
    • The brewery wants to be seen as the good guys, brewing a clean beer.
    • A brewer had the idea of brewing a beer that united the flavors of all three.
    • It brews five beers on the premises, including a signature stout.
    • In case you didn't know, the beer is naturally brewed.
    • The beer is brewed with ‘only the finest sun-ripened hops, grains and barley.’
    • However, brewing beer is a low-margin business and US sales have disappointed this year.
    • He had been brewing beer for the last thirty-five years.
    • Bock beer was traditionally brewed in the fall.
    • The beer is brewed with two-row pale and specialty malts, rolled oats, roasted barley, wheat and four types of hops.
    • Nigerians in the coastal regions drink palm wine and locally brewed beer.
    • Wood provided fuel for domestic heat and cooking, and for industrial processes such as brewing beer or smelting iron.
    • Many early societies brewed beer with a very low alcohol content.
    • Or was the water carried to the top and the beer ceremonially brewed up there?
    • They brew Belgian-style beers as well as import brews from Belgium.
    • Many householders from the gentry downwards, and most retailers, brewed their own beer.
    • About two hundred litres of beer are brewed in one go.
    • Rwandan beer is brewed from sorghum and plantains.
    • They need to learn where each beer is brewed, and be able to describe the flavors of each one in one sentence.
    • They brew cask beers using only traditional methods and use mainly locally grown hops wherever possible.
    • Even though I have no idea where Belgium is, they brew a fine beer.
    • We brew fantastic beer, but we want to lead with our restaurant.
    • When you have a lot of responsibilities, you never get quite the time as a creative person, like brewing the beer.
  • 2

    (tea) preparar
    (tea) hacer
    • Wake up… Someone's brewing coffee in the next room…
    • She brews tea, strong and perfumed, to cover the smell of her offering to the God.
    • I spent the first break in the office kitchen, brewing up a pot of quick-drip coffee.
    • He also brewed a jasmine tea that he had found in one of the cupboards.
    • Frowning, Jackson turned and walked into the kitchen, toasting some bread, and brewing some coffee.
    • He then told me that he had forgotten to remove the coffee grounds from the maker before I brewed my tea.
    • They called it a ‘coffee shop’ but most of us knew that they weren't brewing coffee.
    • Lindsey was behind the counter, brewing up some coffee for her companions.
    • All green and black tea is brewed from the leaves of one bush, the camellia sinensis.
    • Any proper tea merchant knows that a Yixing pot should only be used to brew green tea.
    • You don't have to go as far as baking bread or brewing coffee to create an appealing aroma.
    • Some male executives make a point of brewing their own coffee to symbolize their professed non-sexist orientation.
    • She's a self confessed coffee snob and brews up her beans in a small percolator.
    • Then she added water and started brewing the coffee.
    • Tamora now applied her feverish fingers to brewing the tea.
    • Parched corn coffee was brewed by mixing roasted corn with boiling water.
    • He smiled at the guests and said, ‘Sylvia and my wife are in the kitchen brewing some tea.’
    • Once the tapioca balls are prepared, red tea is brewed.
    • The smell of fresh brewing coffee fills my nose.
    • Her last efforts to brew chamomile tea only resulted in failure and harsh embarrassment.
  • 3

    (mischief/trouble) tramar
    (trouble/mischief) maquinar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (make beer)
    fabricar cerveza
  • 2

    let the tea brew for 5 minutes deje el té en infusión 5 minutos
    • the tea is brewing el té se está haciendo
  • 3

    (storm) avecinarse
    • Typically these are places cheerful locals head to when they hear of yet another storm brewing off the Gulf coast.
    • As crises brew in the homeland, the civilian sector will see it and respond first.
    • When urine flow becomes obstructed, there's a real emergency brewing.
    • This is usual the time when tropical storms begin to brew.
    • I could tell by his face that yet another damn question was brewing.
    • Another look at the sky told him that there was one heck of a storm brewing up in the mountains.
    • It starts well and ends well, but there's trouble brewing in the middle.
    • More ominously, a major economic crisis is clearly brewing in Latin America.
    • That means that we potentially have two tragedies brewing here.
    • Enter a new, super-strict manager at the old hotel, and trouble begins to brew in the air.
    • A small headache suddenly began brewing between her eyes.
    • A similar debate is brewing on the other side of the Atlantic.
    • On the entertainment front, a storm was brewing.
    • First of all, we don't have that situation brewing right now.
    • With the Asian economic crisis brewing, Martin also kept his eye on Korea.
    • The bottom line is that another crisis is brewing and again it revolves around healthcare.
    • But quietly, behind the scenes, a revolution was brewing.
    • Trouble was now beginning to brew for or near him, if it hadn't yet done so.
    • Tensions arising from this situation brewed for several years.
    • If a rebellion is brewing, I saw no indication of it.