Traducción de brickwork en Español:


enladrillado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbrɪkˌwərk//ˈbrɪkwəːk/


  • 1

    (bricks) enladrillado masculino
    (bricks) ladrillos masculino
    (way bricks are laid) aparejo masculino
    • Early in the season, when a lot of bare earth is still visible, the brickwork become the focal point of the garden.
    • Decorative brickwork with an interlaced pattern covers the exterior.
    • The brickwork is laid in Flemish bond with a molded brick water table.
    • Homeowners may also decorate by way of variations in thatching patterns, brickwork, or woodworking techniques.
    • The room was lit by cylindrical skylights, each placed above an alcove of unplastered brickwork with recessed pointing.
    • We recommend that the top triangle of brickwork of the front gable wall be taken down to first floor window head level.
    • The design team exposed the existing textures by sandblasting and repointing stone and brickwork.
    • The contrast of old brickwork with the crystalline nature of the new structure is a classic Modernist move.
    • The mortar has leached, leaving crevices in the red brickwork.
    • The Flemish bond brickwork with decoratively glazed headers recalls colonial architectural details.
    • In contrast with the facile legibility of the older tower's brickwork, the metal cladding is apparently casually crumpled.
    • The smooth red brickwork and fancy white window frames seemed untouched by human hands.
    • I indicated the houses with collapsed roofs, broken windows, charred brickwork and dismantled hedges.
    • The optimum way of ensuring an unblemished appearance is to keep brickwork clean as walls are being built.
    • There is the occasional bit of moiré shimmer in patterns such as brickwork, but it is not obtrusive.
    • The sitting room has polished timber flooring and original exposed brickwork on two walls.
    • It was considered unsightly, and always covered with either a cement render or a skin of brickwork.
    • While plant growth can shorten the life of brickwork, a well-constructed wall should still last for many decades.
    • The brickwork is all of one color and laid in Flemish bond.
    • An ingenious pattern of brickwork bonding was adopted to ensure satisfactory composite action.