Traducción de bride en Español:


novia, n.

Pronunciación /braɪd//brʌɪd/


  • 1

    novia femenino
    the bride and bridegroom (after ceremony) los novios
    • a bride of Christ una esposa de Cristo
    • Remember that the bride and groom are going to be the guests of honor at this party.
    • The bride and groom may wish to give the timeless gift of crystal, in the form of a clock or vase.
    • It's interesting, Antonia, because brides and grooms are so much more pragmatic these days.
    • True to her spirited image, the bride proposed to the groom as he sped around a track in California.
    • In the presence of family and friends, the grooms kissed their brides with love and tenderness.
    • The Celtics have many superstitions and traditions surrounding weddings and brides in particular.
    • Vulnerability to domestic violence may be encountered as daughters, sisters, brides, and wives.
    • With the brides and grooms gone the suits played some dance music and the crowd started dancing.
    • I've heard of self-absorbed brides and grooms, but this is a whole new level.
    • The chair is for the bride to sit and the groom to remove the bride's garter from her leg.
    • Danish brides and grooms used to confound the evil spirits by cross-dressing.
    • Traditional Japanese brides wear three wedding robes - a white kimono, a coloured kimono, and a white dress and veil.
    • How do I prevent the all too familiar pre-wedding bloating experienced by so many brides on their wedding day?
    • Therefore, parents take it upon themselves to choose the brides and grooms for their children.
    • The only two people whose opinions should matter are that of the bride and the groom.
    • Like all brides, Meredith was having seconds thoughts.
    • Now there's a girl who knows how to dress for an event without stealing the bride's thunder.
    • The second part of the ceremony is performed by the bride and groom.
    • The bride and groom fed each other cake, and the recipe for the cake was given to Lily.
    • The wedding ceremony can include the gift of a coin from the groom to the bride to acknowledge this role.